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Five Ways To Use Roses In Your Beauty Regime

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Uses of Rose in Beauty Routine

Not to sound like a love-struck Jack from Titanic, but we love Roses. And no, it’s not because we’re a romantic lot. Even as cute desi younglings, our mothers always coaxed us into applying Gulab Jal (Rose Water) face packs and spritzed us with their Rose-scented perfumes before birthday parties. Life really was ‘rosy’ back then.

Today, we don’t really need our mothers to tell us why rose-infused anything is good for us (smart and independent ladies right here, hello!). Everybody knows how they’re the answer to most of your beauty problems, and really, that delicate fragrance they leave behind is something we wouldn’t complain about.

Also, in case there is a confusion, Rosehip and Rose is not the same thing; the former is the seed of the Rose flower.

So, without beating around the (rose) bush, let’s talk about all the problems that can be solved with rose-infused beauty products.

Water Benefits for Skin- Khadi

1. Oil Control Savior

Ladies, you might be a work of art, but nobody wants to look like an oil painting. We live in a tropical country, and the moment you come home looking super greasy is a little too relatable. Roses have astringent properties, and without a doubt, you NEED to incorporate it into your beauty regime to curb excess sebum production. From clay masks to makeup removers, you need rose-infused beauty products to flush out those pores, tighten them and keep your skin looking fresh all day, all night.

2. Anti-aging Ingredient

Roses are bursting with vitamins and essential fatty acids, so why shouldn’t you be reaping its full anti-aging benefits? A few drops of Rose Oil are enough to hydrate your skin, make it plump and iron out those wrinkles and fine lines. These all-year-round blooms also have healing properties - so, any damage your skin has undergone over the years will be undone with consistent use. We suggest going for some divine rose-infused oils and lotions, as they absorb right in and improve your skin’s elasticity

Rose Beauty Products- Face Serum
Rose Beauty Products- Rose Face Pack

3. Radiance and Brightening Elixir

Roses possess an abundance of vitamins and antioxidants that work together to banish pigmentation and dullness to give your skin a brighter, cleaner look. No wonder it’s a summertime staple ingredient. Mix them with other brightening ingredients, and voila, you are now blessed with glow as bright as a lightbulb. Oh, and definitely use some Gulab Jal for de-tanning, this summer.

4. Anti-inflammatory Potion

We can’t tell you how many times our skin has flared up after an intense session of threading with the wretched parlour aunty. Or after we have tried products that didn’t suit our skin? Ugh, that is even worse! But each time, we’ve gone back to our trusty Rose mist to calm our skin. We can’t thank this flower enough for its soothing, astringent effect, and honestly, it’s safe to conclude that any and every Rose-infused product will help soothe your skin and get rid of inflammation.

Rose Face Mask Benefits
Rose Water Benefit For Skin

5. Antioxidant-rich Goodness

Now, this final point is VERY important and is possibly the only reason you need to believe that you need this flower in your life. The rose water benefits for skin are that they are brimming with antioxidants that can reverse any damage and boost cell repair. It’s why rose water is such Indian summer favourite; antioxidants shield you from free radicals and UV rays that can cause sun damage.

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