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Fix those common grooming problems

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1. Bust those confidence-shattering woes for good.

A well groomed man is naturally confident and self-assured. It's hard to look suave and savvy if you're battling dandruff, acne, thinning hair and saggy skin. Luckily, there are some tried and tested transforming grooming products that will make you look and feel sharper. Best of all, you don't have to seek medical advice to fix your woes. Thanks to innovative research there are several products available today to get you back on track.
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2. Out damn spot!

For everyone who thinks acne is just a girl's problem, sadly that isn't true. Many men struggle with acne from the time they're in their teens right up to their adult years. Scarring, marks and pits are common fallouts, seriously denting their self-esteem. If you're one of those men, it's likely that you've tried plenty of OTC products and home remedies, often with negligible improvement. Well, its time you bought some pimple remedies that actually work. Men's skin is thicker than women's and needs products specifically designed to penetrate the dermis. Invest in a sebum control face wash. Apply a hardworking acne formula and use a sebum control face mask once or twice a week. Remember to use an oil-free sunscreen-moisturizer as well.

3. Flakes are falling on your shoulder

Think of dandruff as dry skin on your scalp. It’s an embarrassing problem; it’s hard to look professional and in control when your blazer is littered with tiny white specks. And we’re not even talking about the constant itchiness. It’s time to bring out the big guns and soothe the itching and flaking.
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4. Thinning strands ruining your style

More than half of the men face thinning hair as they approach middle age. Genetics, stress, illness and poor eating habits all have a role to play. However, you can ensure adequate nutrition to strands and roots to give them the best chance to grow and flourish. While there’s no ‘cure’ for hair loss, you can use the best science has to offer to extend the hair’s life cycle and grow.

5. Stretch marks cramping your style

It's not just pregnant women who sport stretch marks, Men can get them too when they have a growth spurt, put on or lose significant amount of weight  or pack on muscle quickly. Areas prone to skin stretching are the stomach, back, thighs, hips and upper arms.
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6. Shaving rashes leaving you red faced

Did you know that the average guy who lives to 75 years spends six months of his life with a razor in his hand staring at the mirror? Redness, irritation, missed out clumps, ingrowths and shaving burns are just some of the afflictions men have to face. Adopting a better technique and a more technologically superior shaver are two important ways of fixing these. If dad didn't tell you, here's how you should be shaving: Run the razor in the direction of hair growth rather than against. This generally means downwards on your face and over your jaw line, and upwards on the lower part of your neck. An old dirty razor is best binned. In fact always dump a shaving blade after ten shaves and stay away from cheap disposables. Now go buy a state-of-the-art shaving set and look nick and burn-free every morning!
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