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Flirty Haircuts and Hairstyles for Short Hair

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Low maintenance ladies, you know who you are. Cannot allot more than ten minutes of your life to washing your hair? Don’t want to be bothered by hair that’s grown way past your shoulders? We get it, you’re on the #ShortHairForLife bandwagon. Honestly, regardless of what hair length club you belong to, there’s no denying that short locks exude undaunted confidence.

So, if you’re already considering a quick chop-chop-chop, scroll down to discover flattering haircuts and hairstyles for short hair. And while we are at it, let the meh hairstyles you have been dragging along from the 90s take a backseat please.

  • Straight Hair

    1. Hairstyles for Short Straight Hair

    Short Hair Styles – Mini Frayed Bun

    i. Mini frayed bun

    Step 1: Kill that thought. Yes, kill the urge to plug in a hair appliance. The Body Care Frizz Control Hair Serum just cuts through the frizzy drama and makes your hair manageable.

    Step 2: Gather the crown section of your hair and create a half ponytail. Secure it with an elastic.

    Step 3: During the last swirl through the ponytail, pull only a quarter of the length and let the rest form an undone loop.

    Step 4: Secure it with another hair tie, just to be sure. Don’t bother if the ends escape the bun.

    Step 5: Fan out the bun and tweak it to your whims. After all it’s all about that undone vibe.

    ii. Scarf Band hairstyle

    Step 1: Backcomb the hair at the crown of your head to add some added oomph. We are rooting for the Bronson Professional Termax Back Combing Teasing Brush.

    Step 2: Gather your hair to create a low ponytail. Secure it with a hair tie.

    Step 3: Pull out a few loose strands to frame your face.

    Step 4: Wrap a scarf around the crown of your head and tie it at the back just above your ponytail.

    Step 5: Hold your effort in place with the help of a hair mist. The Yves Rocher Volume Texturizing Styling Spray For Fine Hair is a bottled promise of lightweight setting formula.

    Hairstyles for Short Hair – Scarf Band

    2. Haircuts for Short Straight Hair

    Short Haircuts for Girls – Pixie Cut

    i. Pixie haircut

    What makes the pixie cut so empowering? It draws attention to your face, making it the focal point. If you are reluctant to take such a big risk with the scissors, let us tell you that a boost of confidence is all you need to pull it off. And honestly, no face shape and hair texture can go against this cut. Also, just as a side note, make sure you up your brow game when you’re sporting the pixie cut.

    ii. Side undercut

    You are about to consider an edgy variation of an otherwise vanilla classic bob. The crown hair is maintained while the hair on the sides is buzzed for a contrasting effect. The beauty of the undercut is it can be personalized in infinite ways, since the shaved part is a canvas for creativity. Go book an appointment with your stylist and join the badass undercut club already.

    Short Haircuts for Women – Side Undercut

  • Wavy Hair

    1. Hairstyles for Short Wavy Hair

    Short Hairstyles for Girls – Crown Dutch Braid With Ponytail

    i. Crown Dutch Braid with Ponytail

    Step 1:Start by weaving a crown Dutch braid. Keep braiding till you reach the nape of your neck.

    Step 2: Pull out a few face-framing fringes from the hairline.

    Step 3: Now gather the braid along with the rest of your hair to create a low ponytail.

    Step 4: Secure it with a hair tie. We vouch for the Divo Metal Free Hair Tie Black, to hold it all together without stressing your gorgeous tresses.

    Step 5: Lightly tong your fringes to create loose romantic curls. We vouch for the Bronson Professional Chopstick Hair Curler - Style Stick that glides gently on those delicate tresses.

    ii. Space buns

    Step 1:Apply the L'Oreal Professionnel Tecni Art Smooth Liss Control + to make your tresses a bit less rebellious. Now for an even edgier look, go for a zig-zag parting instead of a straight middle one.

    Step 2: Create a high ponytail on either side and secure with elastics.

    Step 3: Now twist the length of the ponytail like a rope and wrap it around the base. Secure with a couple of bobby pins.

    Step 4: Repeat on the other side. Tug at the buns gently for a messier bedhead look.

    Easy Hairstyles for Short Hair – Space Buns

    2. Haircuts for Short Wavy Hair

    Short Haircuts for Girls – Dramatic Bangs

    i. Pixie haircut

    Dramatic Bangs pack in major attitude and that’s no news. This cut hugs the forehead and accentuates your jawline. A well-done blunt bang can very smartly add an angular frame to an otherwise rounded face. If you’re looking to hit the refresh button on your look, the addition of bangs can drastically change your appearance without spending a bomb at the salon. However, steer clear of oil-based beauty products since they could end up greasing your bangs as well.

    ii. Blunt bob

    We love how the blunt bob cuts into a straight line while the peekaboo neck adds to a sultry spin to the entire look. Add to that brow-grazing bangs that soften the contours of a sharp jaw, and good hair days are here for a long time. Don’t like how bangs get clingy after a while? Simply pull them back to create a pouf or tuck them with bobby pins on the sides. The only downside to this short blunt haircut is the need for regular trimming appointments so you have nothing to do with the infamous ugly growing-out period.

    Short Haircuts for Women – Blunt bob

  • Curly Hair

    1. Hairstyles for Short Curly Hair

    Simple Hairstyles for Short Hair – Half Bun

    i. Half Bun

    Step 1: Tease your hair with a pea-sized dollop of the Schwarzkopf Osis+ Curl Honey Curl Cream for instant approval by the anti-frizz jury.

    Step 2: Now comb through your tresses and gather them on the crown of your head.

    Step 3: Create a half ponytail and secure it with an elastic.

    Step 4: Wrap the length of the short hair ponytail around its base and fix it with a hair tie.

    Step 5: Play up the drama by defining your curls with Osmo Curl Spray Volumising Curl Enhancer.

    ii. Free fall messy curls

    Step 1: Firstly, let’s amp up the volume-o-meter with the Schwarzkopf Professional Osis Upload Lifting Volume Cream.

    Step 2: Skip picking the comb for this style. Finger brush your curls and let them flirt with your cheekbones.

    Step 3: Spritz some hair spray to define and hold the curls in place. Twist, tie and tease with the Wella Professionals EIMI Sugar Spray For Voluminous Texture.

    Step 4: Don’t worry about flyaways. The goal is to look messy. After all, this style is perfect for third-day hair.

    Easy Hairstyles for Short hair – Messy Curls

    2. Haircuts for Short Curly Hair

    Short Haircuts for Girls – Bob Cut

    i. Voluminous Bob

    This summer approved haircut is good news when the temperature is on a rise. The Voluminous Bob starts heavier on the crown and narrows down on the back and sides. If you are the non-committal kind (we totally understand the ‘why’ for it) who wants to make a power statement, this curly hair bob is your find. You can sport the just-rolled-out-of-bed look by spritzing some texturizing spray and finger-teasing your locks. The best part, you ask. No more heat-styling negativity in life. Amen.

    ii. Undercut curls

    Feeling especially bold? Brave the shave. Undercut curls call for all curly haired bombshells who are confident in their own skin and are ready to get (and be) the buzz. This short bob haircut has hair concentrated on the crown, buzzed on the sides and narrowed toward the nape. For this look, make a lightweight hairstyling mousse your BFF to define and volumize your spirals. P.S. Don’t let an unshaved nape do injustice to crispness of this cut.

    Short Haircuts for Women – Undercut Curls
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