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Floral-Infused Formulas For Great Skin

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Let’s rewind a little. Have you ever faced a moment where you tried a floral enriched beauty like a body splash right before you head to work and chant ‘c’mon lilies, shower me with your flower power’. No? Okay, but you get the gist, right? You clock in at office and it hits. You suddenly smell like a darn ol’ garden because you got too over ambitious with that bottle (breathe, it happens to the best of us).
Well, we’re here to fix that because honey, you don’t want to smell like your local flower store. Nah-ah. If you’re a fan of floral potions we’re going to help you fall in love with some ridiculously hard-working floral infused skin essentials. So, you end up smelling lovely, not cloy. Enter six botanical beauties that are pretty smelling, pretty looking, and pretty powerful without being too over flowering. Get it?

Let’s take a look at these flowery beauty products with all the goodness of flowers

  • Eye Like You

    Who knew that the Red Banana Flower is a power ingredient to banish exhausted eyes bags? We didn’t, till we tried the Forest Essentials Under Eye Serum-Red Banana Flower & Potato Starch. This highly potent eye treatment serum is an alluring concoction of Red Banana flower, rich coffee bean extracts and potato starch. Since dark circles and fine lines are creeping on out of nowhere these days, slap this on right before you hit the sack.
  • Drew On Board? Sheet!

    Stop everything you’re doing, because Drew Barrymore, DREW freakin’ BARRYMORE just dropped her beauty line with us last week and we’re losing our minds! With a string of cruelty-free blur sticks and blush pots, Barrymore’s label Flower also released the Flower Beauty Power Up! Sheet Mask-Radiance Boosting. This floral beauty product is powered with lush floral extracts and Alaskan glacier water (fancy, right?) fits like second skin to hydrate and revitalize your skin sheet. Your Netflix-and-chill just got better.
  • Too Pretty To Handle

    Phubbing equals mandatory pretty hands. Bible. We rely on our hand creams for just about everything. Every call, text, double tap (and right swipe). Now imagine super moisturized hands that smells like sun-drenched Jasmine with rich undertones of Neroli? Your wish shall come true with the Nykaa Jasmine & Neroli Hand & Nail Creme. This gorgeous beauty miracle is love in a tube. Slip one of these babies in your handbag and slather it on between deadlines.  
  • Life IS A Bed Of Roses

    If you’re a big fan of rose-scented skin care, look no further because The Body Shop British Rose Body Yogurt is exactly what you’ve been looking for. Get your hands on this lightweight floral skin care product right after you jump out of the shower. Infused with plush Rose extracts and organic Almond Milk, this floral beauty instantly seeps into your skin and smother you with a whopping 48 hours of moisture love. See, that’s the kind of pampering we’re talking about.
  • Beauty Over Bouquets

    Had a bad day? Chill. Oh, and you don’t need a man to lean on to when you’ve got the La Flora Organics Muscle Pain Relief Bath Salt & Foot Soak. Allow us to convince you. Enriched with Rosemary Pure and Lemongrass, this tub helps clear a stuffy nose, relaxes your mind and revives your energy, especially when you're feeling down. It also relaxes tense muscles and lifts your mood instantly. This botanical blessing has got more benefits that a man could ever give, yes? Hah. Flower power for the win!
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