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Floral Nail Detail For The Season Of Blossoms

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Such a sucker for flowers, you’ve been practically living your life in a garden? There are flowers on your sheets, on your socks, on your phone cover, on your coffee mug. Heck, you’re probably even wearing a fancy set of floral UGs as we speak!
Well, whether you are flower-obsessed or not, floral nail art def resonates with anybody who has nails to flaunt. We’ve handpicked five floral nail art trends that are doing the rounds and sprinkled them with a wee bit of flowers and tadaa… it’s a pretty bouquet on your talons, honey.

Let’s have a look at some pretty flower nail art designs to try on

  • The Minimalist

    If your Pinterest pins and Instagram saves scream subtle, understated charm, say hello to fellow members of the minimalist club, which proudly stands for beauty that’s devoid of repeated underlining.
    • Start by a good grooming sesh because there’s no hiding shabby nails behind this transparent mani.
    • Then apply a cleat coat of polish, preferably the Jaquline USA Double Use Top & Base Coat.
    • Dip the tip of a bobby pin in the glossiest black nailpaint and draw a creeper of leaves on your accent nail. In case you’re feeling too creative, do the same with your thumbnail too. We’re crushing on the Maybelline New York Color Show Nail Lacquer – Blackout.
    • Add the final finishing touch with a second layer of the base coat. Who said floral was a buzzkill?
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    Floral Nail Detail For The Season Of Blossoms - 3

    Floral Frenchie 101

    Tried hard but still can’t choose between two of your favorite manicures? Don’t. Mix up a bit of floral with the classiest mani that exists and there’s no looking away from those glorious nails.
  • Leaves Of Golden Glitter

    In the limitless world of beauty, all that glitters is gold. If you can’t get enough of sparkle in your life and on your face, this is exactly what the doctor ordered. This floral nail art design looks classy and elegant.
    Floral Nail Detail For The Season Of Blossoms - 4
  • Floral Nail Detail For The Season Of Blossoms - 5

    Matte-icure Done Right

    Matte nails rose to the #1 position on every woman’s love list almost overnight. Add a bright punch of wildflowers to a neutral matte base and you got a portable canvas of abstract art and get this cute flower nail art done
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