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FLOWER POWER: Bb Editors Tell Us How They Fight Stereotypes

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This month, the editors at the Beauty Book HQ decided it was time to flaunt their ‘Flower Power’.
And no, we don’t mean dressing up in floral headbands and behaving like hype girls at Coachella. Sure, its spring and flowers in all their forms are in full bloom on the runways, but the real ‘Flower Power’ movement – the one we’re looking to revive in particular - emerged in the 60s, as a counterculture of dissent towards the war and other systems of suppression.
We might not be fighting a war right now, but as women, we fight little battles against the patriarchy every day – including the tons of gender stereotypes we feel the need to adhere to.
In this article, our BB editors are celebrating the little rebellions they stage every day, with big or small statements that show we’re unapologetically fierce and fabulous.   

Let’s take a look at these empowering stories of fighting gender stereotypes

  • Cookin’ up trouble (and nothing else)

    “You’re 30 and you don’t know how to cook?!” 
    “Girls should know how to cook.”
    “What are you going to do once you’re married?” 
    Well, I don’t want to learn how to cook and getting older isn’t going to change that. The gender stereotype that women belong in the kitchen, and men at work is so archaic, I can’t believe I’m still fielding these comments in 2019! I mean, look around you – all the women are too busy making money, presentations and deadlines to come home and slave away in the kitchen, and that’s entirely their prerogative. If I’m in an equal relationship with a man, why can’t we split the household chores?  He can cook and I can clean.
    Or maybe, I won’t do anything at all and just get a maid so the both of us can relax after a hard day’s work. Shocking? Deal with it. 
    Zoya Dadarkar,
    Asst Manager – Webcomm
  • Don’t need no sugar daddy

    I have to confess that I do enjoy some good, old fashioned chivalry from time to time, aka roses for no reason, surprise dinner dates, a guy holding the door open for me; you know, garden variety stuff. But guess what I love more? Spoiling myself and not waiting for a man to attend to my whims and fancies. So, whether it’s a relaxing spa day, a delicious meal at my favorite restaurant or that fabulous new bag that’s got my heart —there’s nothing that I wouldn’t do (re: if my budget permits me) to keep myself happy and motivated. Who needs a sugar daddy when you can be your own sugar mama and treat yo’ damn self?
    After all, if you don’t love yourself, no one else can, honey!
    Synjini Nandi,
    Senior Content Executive, Beauty Book
  • Pass the bill, please

    It’s fascinating how waiters at swanky restaurants are hardwired to hand over the bill to the man, like it’s the law of the land. In fact, they’ve sometimes refused to give it to me even if I asked for it specifically. Then, you have to deal with that awkward tousle for the bill with your date, who refuses to believe you can afford a Rs. 3,000 meal – given you’re a woman and all. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I hate the gesture. (And since we’re on the topic, not like I’d hate equal pay either) But unless we’re devouring gold-crusted sushi, I don’t see why we can’t make like the Dutch.
    Plus, why are you so sure you make more money than me?
    Lakshmi Nayar,
    Senior Content Executive, Beauty Book
  • Be a lady and bulk up

    I've always been inclined towards strength instead of a tiny waistline, so weights were a natural draw for me. But when I started working out, I had to hear a lot of smack a lot about how I'd look ugly if I start building muscle – from trainers and friends, alike! Weights in general is a very male-dominated discipline. Fortunately, I never paid any heed to it and a year later, I've had the same people compliment me on my toned muscles. From being a beginner in the world of strength training to deadlifting heavier weights than most guys at the gym, I've come a long way and that’s only because I didn’t let anyone else tell me what a lady should look like – or what she can handle. That’s how I break the girl stereotype that girls can’t lift!
    Now I’ve got real ‘gainz’ and some gender gainz, too!
    Mousree Paul,
    Senior Content Executive, Beauty Book
  • Standing high without the heels

    Haven’t we watched a million movies where the female protagonist sashays in in sultry high heels that leave the men starry-eyed? Well, they always leave out the part three hours later, where she’s keeled over, putting ointment on the blisters and bites. Now, why are we putting our feet through hell just to elevate our confidence? Historically, heels were worn by men and maybe it’s time we give them back.  I decided a long time ago that they’re the actual devil and I refuse to wear them – ain’t no Choo gonna woo this woman. These height enhancers bring us nothing but nasty bunions, a displaced pelvis, tendonitis and a really hard time going down the stairs after a few drinks.  
    Who needs that kind of stress in their lives? Not me, that’s for sure!
    Vinita D’Souza,
    Senior Content Executive- Nykaa Network
  • Makeup

    “I’ve been in the beauty business for four years now, and *drum roll*…….I don’t wear any makeup. (Extravagant affairs excluded, where having a full face on is the need of the hour). But this habit I never picked up has raised one too many eyebrows amid colleagues and friends. Even worse if I dare go on date with my (actual) no-makeup makeup look, or walked into meetings without touch-ups. Boy, do we take our makeup seriously! I’ll admit, there came a point where I gave in to the powers and tried to strobe and pucker my pout for work. But that lasted all of three days before the good ol’ laziness trickled in. As did the realization that I’m more comfortable in my own skin, than one that’s airbrushed to perfection.
    Maybe if everyone else dialled back a few layers, they might learn to love their au naturale selves too!
    Karishma Loynmoon,
    Assistant Content Manager- Beauty Book
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