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Fool-proof guide for black smoky eyes

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Classic black smoky eyes have a timeless quality, a bit like red lips. They can instantly add oomph and glamour to any look which is why they’re a favourite of Hollywood and Bollywood stars for sultry evening dos. The key to perfect smoky eyes is blending all the colors flawlessly. It’s equally important to pair light base colors with rich dark hues. For instance, a soft gold base works beautifully with deep purple while a champagne base topped with bright blue looks smouldering. Here’s a simple tutorial showing you how to create your own black smoky eyes.
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Step 1: Start by tight-lining the eyes with black kohl.
Step 2: Apply the black kohl on the entire lid as a base. Make sure to stay within the socket line.
Step 3: Use a smudging brush to smudge and soften the kohl applied in the previous step as shown. Only soften the edges, let the area closest to the lash line remain dark black.
Step 4: Now take a small piece of sello tape - cellotape and apply it near the outer corner, slanting upwards towards the brow as shown to give a neat wing at the outer corner and prevent over-blending of the eye shadows. Leave a small space between the tape and the lower lash line where we will apply black eye shadow later.
Step 5: Apply matte black eye shadow all over the lid using gentle patting motions.
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Step 6: Using a blending brush, soften the edges of the black eye shadow in the crease by running the brush softly in wind wiper motion along the socket line. Using the edge of a flat shader brush, apply black eye shadow along the lower lash starting from the outer corner and going three-quarter of the way in.
Step 7: Apply dark brown eye shadow on the blending brush and using the same wind-wiper motions, blend the brown with the black in the socket line.
Step 8: Apply a shimmery highlighter under the brow and inner corner of the eye to give a bright, awake look to the eyes
Step 9: Apply concealer in the under eye area after cleaning up the fallout from the eye shadows (if any)
Step 10: Finish the look by applying a coat of your favorite volumizing mascara. Brush your brows in place and fill them with dark brown brow wax/powder. I have used the dark brown eye shadow used in Step 7 for the brows as well.
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