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For makeup that lasts and lasts

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Look flawless all day You look amazing when you step out the door but half way through the day, your nose looks shiny and those acne scars you’d worked so hard to hide are visible to all. If now it is-now it isn’t makeup is the bane of your life, now’s the time to rectify the problem. We guarantee you’ll look flawlessly made-up all day long. Cleanse The first step to ensuring your makeup lasts is to cleanse thoroughly before applying fresh makeup. Often, residual makeup from the night before and excess oil can make the skin surface greasy and uneven. Think of a car skidding on an oily road. Your makeup is unlikely to stay on if your skin isn’t spanking clean to start with.  Use a cleanser suitable to your skin type. Use a toner afterwards if you have enlarged pores or your skin is very oily. However, don’t over-dry your skin because that can cause makeup to flake.  Moisturize Follow up with a moisturizer to lock in your skin’s natural moisture. Use an oil free formula if you have oily skin. Choose a product with SPF for added benefit. Next apply a thin layer of a mattifying primer to provide a smooth, satiny base for the make-up. Primers also soak up excess oil throughout the day, keeping you shine free besides minimizing the appearance of pores, fine lines and wrinkles. Apply foundation  Now apply foundation. You can skip this step if you’ve applied a tinted moisturizer like a BB Cream. Choose the shade with care; nothing looks grosser than a face several shades lighter than your neck and décolletage.  It’s wise to keep at least two foundation shades in your make-up kit, one darker than your usual shade. This way you contour your nose and chin to contour your features if needed. Always look for a product that gives you a naturally beautiful finish and enhances your natural color by evening out your skin tone. Go with a mousse finish if you have clear skin. Oil-free creamy formulations work best for covering up blemishes or scars. A liquid formula with added moisturizers can hydrate dry skin. Finally, fix your makeup with a translucent setting powder. Just dab on gently so that you don’t shift the makeup underneath. Finishing touches Now apply your eye and lip makeup to suit the time of day or occasion. If your complexion looks too matte, dust on some blusher or bronzer on cheekbones to add a flush of color.
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