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For The Love Of Red: Nykaa Army Reveal Their Favourite Red Lipsticks This Valentine’s Day

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best red lipstick

If I were to ask you what that one thing in your wardrobe would be that makes you confident, comfortable and strong, I’m sure you’ll have an answer ready at the tip of your tongue. From your trusty pair of blue jeans, to the LBD (little black dress), we all have our constants that we turn to.  But in the world of beauty, somehow, most women happen to have the exact same answer—the one and only, red lipstick (no surprises here, tbh).

A good red lipstick is a confident-boosting accessory and an extension of self. It’s everything from bold, strong, and authoritative, to sensual, confident, adventurous, and dynamic. And while Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating love and relationships, we decided to ask our Nykaa Army  to share their  love for red lipsticks and their personal favourite. Expect everything from famous reds like MAC’s Ruby Woo to Rouge Dior By Dior, that they deem to be as important as their SOs.

If you’re curious to see what they had to say, keep reading.

red lipstick shades – bobbi brown

Lakshmi Nayar

"There was this one time I had to attend a dinner party, and I literally had no time to get my hair done or put an outfit together—I had 20 minutes to make it. So,  I remember tying my hair into a top knot, slipping into the first thing I spotted in my closet, slapping on my red lipstick, and sprinting to my Uber. From what I thought would be a disastrous night (considering how shabbily I was dressed), I still remember how my lipstick turned my entire evening around. I had twelve women ask me what shade I was wearing, and around five that wanted to immediately try it on at the ladies room. I was wearing the Bobbi Brown Luxe Lip Color - Retro Red which has been my go-to red ever since."

Aarohi Roy

"Red for me signifies power and class. I always end up wearing red lipstick on days I feel the need to impress (at work) or express (on date nights). I wear reds with solid dark colours like black, navy or maroon, that help make the colour pop. I also look for products that are sustainable, which is why you would always find the e.l.f Cosmetics Satin Lipstick in the shade of Cherry in my bag. It is smooth that delivers intense colour, and I feel like the shade fits just right."

red lipstick shades – eld cosmetics
best red lipstick - ofra

Sara Shah

"It’s funny to me how just a vivid splash of red on my lips not only transforms me into a different person but also brings out the best in me— what a mystery, really. While I have worn bright reds before, it’s the darker, more intense ruby reds and maroons that are more up my alley.OFRA’s Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick in Milan is the perfect shade of deep red that not only complements my natural complexion but also honestly feels like it would mould itself into a unique shade of red for just about anyone."

Haya Khan

"I save my reds for the most special occasions— birthdays, weddings and anniversaries. There’s just something about a bold red lip that I find very romantic yet powerful. I always reach for deep reds with blue undertones, they look absolutely stunning and flatter all skin tones (PS- they make my teeth look whiter too!). I've tried a lot of reds, but nothing beats M.A.C Retro Matte Lipstick - Ruby Woo. It is such a classic and never fails to disappoint."

red matte lipstick shades
best red lipstick - 2

Anubhuti Arya

"While red lips are a classic, I personally get a bit hesitant when it comes to wearing a bold red lip everyday or even to work, which is why I was delighted to discover this softer version of a red lip that is still pretty and sensuous as ever yet subtle enough for everyday wear. What I like to do is wear a red stain on my lips, and follow it up with a tinted lip balm to add some more pigment and a healthy dose of shine. The sheer tint stays put for hours, so I just reapply the balm for hydration as and when needed!"

Aastha Sharma

"True story. The first lipstick I ever used was a red. It made me feel SO good about myself. Over the years, I’ve grown to love it in different ways but some classics never go out of style. A classic white shirt with my favourite black blazer, gold hoops, blue jeans and a good red lipstick helps me feel like I can conquer any day. The Dior Red in Satin Finish, my first indulgent red lipstick, will always be special for making me feel brave and beautiful, all at once. Of late, I’ve moved to muted colours and pinkish nudes for my daily use but can never quite resist a pop of red every now and then. I love a soft red tint on my lips and add it to my cheeks for a natural flush that always manages to make my day brighter and better, no matter what."

best red lipstick- dior
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