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Found A lipstick for every skin tone!

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Quick fact: It’s one of the top searches on Google— 2,07,00,000 results—when we last checked! What color of lipstick looks best on your skin tone is a question we at Nykaa get asked most often. And when we posed that to our celebrity makeup artist of the month, Namrata Soni, she said, “Any lipstick color you want is fine, as long as you know your undertone.” So, what’s the best lipstick color for Indian skin?
It's All About The Undertone
She’s absolutely right. Undertones are those base colors in your complexion that determine whether you’re a warm, neutral or cool color. And this is how you find out: Are you more likely to burn in the sun or tan? If you burn, your undertone is cooler. If you tan, your undertone is warm. Namrata has another fool-proof guide: “Look at the color of the veins on your wrist—blue usually means cool and green usually means warm, but if you can't quite tell, you might be neutral.” Still confused? She recommends standing in the bathroom under the light wrapped in a white turby with a white towel draped around your shoulders. “Wear a gold necklace. If your skin glows you’re a warm undertone. If silver makes you sparkle you’re a cool undertone.” Now onto the best lipstick colors of all time, organized by the amount of melanin in your skin…

Here are the best lipstick shades for Indian skin, be it dusky, wheatish or fair skin:

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