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Found! Nude Lipsticks For Every Mood By M.A.C.

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Are you ready to go bare? Uhm, there’s nothing sexier than the classic ‘your lips, but better’ look. But then comes the which ‘nude lippie to pick’ debate we all know that their ain’t one shade that suits all skin tones. Too light and you risk looking like the walking dead, and too dark equals vamp vibes. Now, let’s forget skin tones for a minute and move beyond. Do ya think it’s worth considering beginning the search for a nude lipstick that does justice to every mood?

Did we hear you say a fervent Yes? Like you, we’re also tired of sporting the same nude hue that works for us every time we’re dolling up. Enter M.A.C. Lipsticks. Our beloved makeup brand now gives us a whole nude color palette to pick from, so we can walk, talk and flaunt our various personalities and moods to give you ’em feels.

So, what kind of a ‘nude mood’ are you in for today?

Bored & Lazy

Are you in the mood to find the comfiest spot on your couch all day and flick through Netflix? Are you daydreaming about your duvet even when you’re at work? Let your lip color match your state. The lazy girl’s holy symbol is the ‘au natural’ nude lip. Try a shade that will scream comfort – a mellow tan that’s all fuzzy and ‘Blankety’, or a color that blends into your skin like a ‘Fleshpot’.

Bright & Sunny

Did you wake up, see the sunlit, happy morning and smile to yourself? If you’re in the mood to put on your best sundress and walk with a hop in your step all day, you need a lip color that’s as jaunty as you’re feeling. Then, it’s time to pick something peachy. A satin finish, pinky peach lippie like Twig will fit right in. Or you can go for a crème based glossy look like Nippon, a shade of happy on your face.

Curious & Adventurous

Ready to take some risks? Or are you in the mood to learn something new and are itching for a new adventure? Put your hair up in a bun and lip color at the ready, to look the part. Pick a cool shade of soft brown like the matte lipstick Whirl. It will reflect your inquisitive mood and keep you peppy through your explorations. Or try a nude shade so light and perky, it’ll liven you up for the upcoming task, like Myth.

Flirty & Romantic

Let’s face it, we girls absolutely love this one. Frankly, who doesn’t want to feel special and sexy at the same time? Heels, a hot hairdo, bold and mischievous eyes and a luscious lip color – that’s all it takes. Agreed that when you think flirty, you think red hot lips. But the appeal of natural nude lips is never sexier than in this mood. It’s men approved too, trust us. Try Scattered Petals, a shade so lovingly pink that it’s downright kissable. We’re also crushing on Sultriness. Well, the name says it all.

Playful & Lively

It’s Friday night, your work’s all done and you’re in the mood to groove all night. You want to dance with your girlfriends and have a glass of wine or 10. You’ve never felt more alive! Your lips need to say you’re completely free and, in the mood to let your hair down. A rich matte velvety brown should do the trick. We’d recommend the Velvet Teddy – a classic fun-loving shade. Or bring your playful side out with a gorgeous orange brown like Impulsive.

Whimsical & Dramatic

Is it one of those days when you want to live your fantasies, dress up as a princess or channel your inner Wonder Woman? Let your whimsies run wild and yet be your own little secret. Dramatic eyes with a raw, natural lippie anyone? Runway Hit took to our fancies with its vivid nude shade that fits right in your fantasies. We also love Mehr, so pink and matte that it takes us into a mystical dream.

Proud & Bossy

Oh yes, we all have such days when our urges lead us to being the Boss Lady. Our walk becomes bolder, our stares become more confident and we dress like diva we feel. And the perfect lip color has the power to make us feel just like that – all poised and superior. Spirit, a satin finish shade of light chocolate, is all you need to radiate power. Or go for Fast Play, a subtle yet bold mauve.

Now that you’ve picked your nude today, what’s going to be your mood tomorrow?

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