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Freedom Fighters: The Hair Fall Edition

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If you’ve heard too many jokes about receding hairlines recently, consider it a major red flag. Now instead of going crazy about the chances of waking up bald one morning, take control of things. Swear by these smart hair fall remedies and take baby steps towards a pretty hairy future (in a good way, of course!)
And yes, before we begin, S.T.O.P. stressing. Crying over every single strand of hair on your brush is just goin’ to make matters worse.

Here are the common causes of hair fall and how to control it:


Swap The Shampoo

Still picking up the first random bottle of shampoo you spot at the supermarket? Or ‘experimenting’ with a new brand every other week? Sorry to say, but commitment is key. Pick out a formula that’s especially designed for thinning tresses and our best bet is the Pantene Pro-V Hair Fall Control Shampoo.

Un-condition-al Care

Irrespective of what your hair type may be, as a thumb rule, you cannot NOT condition your locks. More so, when you’re losing it at an alarming rate. Go for a light weight formula, like the Tresemme Hair Fall Defense Conditioner, that prevents hair breakage by targeting your most damaged areas.

Mask Away To Glory

Deep-conditioning hair masks are like the makeup primers of tress town – super important but always overlooked. A hair mask, especially designed for falling hair, like the Mamaearth Argan Hair Mask, seeps into follicles and strengthens the roots, which your usual conditioner might not be able to do.

Champi Done Right

The correct hair oil can be the oxygen mask for your dying locks. That’s all the motivation you need to put some thought into what exactly you’re treating your locks to for a whole night. Take our word, invest in the Indulekha Bringha Hair Oil and you’re never goin’ back to that rather ineffective bottle of elixir.

Power Of Protection

Don’t get us wrong here, ideally you should be backing away from all heat-styling tools while at war with hair fall. However, we understand that a girl’s gotta do what she gotta do. So, the safest way out in that case would be to put a Toni&Guy Heat Protection Mist to the test. Psst, it will pass with flying colors.

Skip The Elastic

It’s obvious that you should avoid any hairdo that requires you to use super tight (and terribly uncomfortable) elastic bands and bobby pins. Rather, go for an effortless messy chignon or naturally tousled beach waves. In case the ponytail is your lady Friday, go for nothing else but the Invisibobble Power Hair Ring.

We Shall Overcom(b)

Busy updating your bath rack, without realising that your biggest weapon lies right at the end of your handbag? Happens to even the best of us. Using the correct tools to detangle your hair is crucial if you want quick results. A wide-toothed comb like the Elite Models Shampoo Hair Comb or a soft-bristled brush like the Roots Paddle Brush is the way to go.

Shower Stories

Firstly, turn the faucet towards COLD ’cause HOT spells danger, love. Next up, swap your regular towel with a cotton tee. Do a favour to your tresses, air dry them instead of plugging in the blow-dryer. Lastly, apply the Biotique Mountain Ebony Vitalizing Serum For Falling Hair and finger-comb your damp locks.
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