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Freedom from brushes: The 10 min DIY

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On a usual day, I love make-up brushes. They feel luxurious, give you the power to control the products you’re using and occasionally compensate for a furry pet at times (Just me?). But having said that, I love being lazy even more. Sometimes when a last minute plan with girlfriends or a date post work hours comes up, the last thing I want to do is having to wash those dirty brushes or carry them around. But does that mean we should compromise on our vanity? Not a chance! I am going to show you guys my favourite 10-minute look step-by-step that can be put together anytime and anywhere sans brushes and other make-up tools. Yes, it will last too.
Say Hello to my model! Her skin is on the drier side and brushes are not her best friend!
Freedom from brushes: The 10 min DIY - 1
First step of this whole look would be to set yourself a timer. Because you’re going to finish this freedom evening look in 10 minutes flat (No, seriously!). To save me the effort of using brushes or any make-up tools, here is the line-up of my superheroes to save the day.
The Top 10 to the rescue!
Freedom from brushes: The 10 min DIY - 2
Let's get started!
Freedom from brushes: The 10 min DIY - 3
Start by prepping your skin. I am using Avene Thermal Spring Water here, because it feels refreshing with and gives instant moisture to the skin with a natural dewy look. Besides, spraying mists always feels fancy. I especially insist on this step when trying out a new base product because your foundation/BB/CC will blend smooth only when your skin is not itching for some moisture.
Once this dries off, seal it with a trustworthy primer; because you don’t want your make-up to be Cinderella and start melting off with the clock. I chose L’oreal Paris Base Magique Transforming Smoothing Primer.
Magic potion mixing in process
Freedom from brushes: The 10 min DIY - 4
Next, work a nice and bright base with not too heavy coverage for yourself. Remember, the heavier the coverage, the more you’d need a sponge/brush to blend it out. I picked Lakme Complexion Care CC Cream, which is impossible to mess up and has an instant polished impact on the skin. To dial up that lit-up effect from within, I relied upon the trusted old trick of mixing a highlighter with the tinted cream. Only, I called upon the Gods of highlighter himself, aka Revlon Photoready Skinlights.
Blend. Blend. Blend
Freedom from brushes: The 10 min DIY - 5
Last, but not the least, I spot correct all what the CC cream could not cover with L.A Girl Pro Conceal HD. This concealer is perfect for girls who want heavy duty coverage without going the cakey route.
And of course I am not going to leave the cheeks without some pinch of blush. I tested this super easy-to-blend cream blush from Maybelline called Maybelline Dream Touch Blush. This has miniscule shimmer (not chunky glitter) and a perfect beginner’s option for those who want to try their hands on a cream blush. Easy peasy.
The 'I just woke up like this' look.
Freedom from brushes: The 10 min DIY - 6
Now that I have my glow and coverage taken care of, I move on to the eyes. To keep the look polished and put-together, I keep the eyes and lips on the glossy side because gloss always equals glam and is extremely low maintenance unlike the matte/liquid lipsticks.
Bring on the glamour sans brushes.
Freedom from brushes: The 10 min DIY - 7
Since blending sponges or brushes are a no-no for this look, I put my reliable pinky finger to use and smudge the Kohl over the crayon until it gives a nice lived-in effect. And because fluttering eyelashes is a major part of any girl’s charm, I top this with a double coat of mascara.
The perfect marriage of coral and nude!
Freedom from brushes: The 10 min DIY - 8
With two minutes to go, I go for the final step- the pout. And because nude lips go hand in hand with soft smoky eyes, I got this lovely shade from MUA Power Pout Acrylic range, which are arguably one of the most long lasting lip colors. Instead of picking a traditional gloss, I layered two coats of this and a clear gloss on top of it so my lips not only look plush, but my color also lasts.
And behold!
Freedom from brushes: The 10 min DIY - 9
What I absolutely love about this look is the zero risk factor of messing it up. All the products picked are buildable, so even if you go a little heavy handed with the products, the result would be seamless and not patchy as it gets with powder based products. With 10 minutes of time and 10 reliable products, you get freedom from clutter and embrace cool chic. Just like that!
Model credits for Tanvi Khandelwal from our BM team
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