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French, Rompy Hair Is Currently Making Waves

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For foodies, nothing is more appetizing than leftover food. Just the thought of frozen pizza, Chinese takeout, even biryani… has us salivating. Ditto for beauty junkies. Nothing comes close to lived-in makeup and rompy, bedhead-y hair. We love our eyeliners smudged and our strands all fuzzed up. It’s a guilty pleasure that’ll never lose its sex appeal. Men get played too. Although, unlike our gut, our skin and hair can’t stomach the damages it brings.

Which is why, you fake it till you make it. Therefore, the smarter thing to do is to start off with achievable hacks. Enter texturizing hairsprays. With these five bestselling hairsprays, all you need to do is wash, scrunch and spray for that just-out-of-bed romp. In fact, this year, it’s even ruled the roost on international runways. Voila!


Sebastian Professional Texture Maker For A Matte Finish

You want a spray that’s stays long, but not that long. That adds texture but not too much texture. That firms your locks, but not too much. Err? Tough to find, no? No! This hero that’s enriched with sea salt crystals saves the day. It claims to be a ‘professional hairspray with a light formula that makes the hair expand, providing versatile and reworkable texture.’ Just what we require to ace this look.


Kevin.Murphy Hair.Resort.Spray Beach Look Texture Hair Spray

Finally, a hairspray that works on damp hair! This solves all our morning rush hair dilemmas. It’s true when they say, Kevin Murphy has all the answers. Ideally created for that surfed up, beach girl vibe, this non-aerosol spray is perfect for bedheads as well. Even better if you’ve got fine to medium hair thickness. And perfect if you’ve got long, lustrous strands. This is your man, all the way.


Wella Professionals EIMI Sugar Spray For Voluminous Texture

If you’ve got curls, this spray enhances them. If you don’t have them, you braid your hair overnight, spritz this on and watch how it sasses up your strands. Little birdie tells us, its sugar crystals also lends a strong hold, and adds volume and shine to your locks. Rookies, go easy with a two or three spritzes. You don’t want to run the risk of being too in-your-face. Remember, effortless is the vibe to vie for.


A brand that’s alive with the life force of plants (and plants only) has singlehandedly managed to shake things up for the hair care industry. So, while opting for its Texture Tonic, you know you’ve placed the right bet. This champion with its Babassu extracts accentuates your natural texture, makes your strands soft and shiny, without an ounce of preservatives or chemicals. What’s more? It even guarantees that ‘piecey’ definition. Sold!


Batiste Stylist Texture Me Texturizing Spray

For those who resent the concept of dry shampoos, but also frown upon washing their hair regularly, no problemo. Flip your head back and forth, section your mane and then from a distance spray this texturizing genius on your strands from roots-to-tip. Now work your fingers to manipulate the lined-in look. This even boats of a matte, non-sticky, lightweight formula.

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