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Fresh Drop— Nykaa’s Latest SKINRX Vitamin C Serum

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best vitamin c serum for face

If I had a penny for everytime I got an unsolicited beauty tip from random strangers during my commute, individuals behind billing counters, sales executives and chatty parlour wali didis pointing out skin concerns (that I was already aware of)— I would be rolling in wealth right now. Yes, my scuffle with acne has been on for 10 years, a decade strong and still going. And at this juncture, it’s safe to say that I’m finally ahead of the game. I can anticipate the queries, the questions and the product recommendations about to come my way with a mere glance. For the benefit of everyone present, yes I change my pillow covers more often than not, I make sure to quaff down a few bottles of water everyday (I mean, I try) and no, I try not to pick on my zits. Despite my eternal annoyance at presumptuous folks that bombard me with advice I did not seek, I must admit I have gotten my hands on nearly everything under the sun to do away with the acne and more importantly the deep scars on my face. I’ve enjoyed lathering a thick coat of shea butter before hitting the sack in the dead of summer, turning to baking soda twice a day, and gram flour ubtans to diminish the stubborn blemishes. But the thing is, they were all futile. It wasn’t until a few years ago that I made some headway in understanding my skin type, the grave primary concerns hampering its health and the necessary steps that had to be taken for its well being.

With the aid of a dermatologist, I managed to establish that Vitamin C is transformatory for almost every skin type and especially phenomenal in relieving acne blemishes. It has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce the appearance of mild scars, redness or any kind of skin discomfort. Moreover, by administering oil control it also reduces acne breakouts.Yes, Vitamin C— the miracle ingredient with a stamp of approval from science is a rich antioxidant that isn’t inherently found in the human system (so make sure to incorporate a lot of citrus in your diet too). However, ingesting small amounts may or maynot improve the quality of the top most layer of the skin, a great deal —the epidermis. Hence the dire need to include some in formulations of beauty products that not only combats the deep scars but also shields the skin against the detrimental effects of UV radiations. Known to facilitate collagen production in the human body it even chases away any wrinkling worries and grants you younger, supple skin. Living a fast paced life in a metro sometimes means that I sleep a lot less than I intend to. The lack of a good night’s rest explains the dark circles under my eyes that don't seem to budge. The skin under our eyes is exceedingly soft and sensitive. By using Vitamin C topically the under eye skin becomes more resilient, better concealing the blood vessels. Having three major skin concerns (scars, acne breakouts and dark circles) that I identified in my pursuit of better skin, it was imperative to pick a product with Vitamin C that mitigated these issues in their best capacity. A product that could be seamlessly incorporated into my beauty regimen without any inconvenience. That’s when I got myself to try Nykaa SKINRX new Vitamin C serum.

best vitamin c serum

Nykaa SKINRX 10% Vitamin C Serum

After shooting darts in the dark as far as my customised skin care is concerned, I wanted to opt for a product that was curated with care for skin repair and rejuvenation. I have been using the Nykaa SKINRX 10% Vitamin C Serum daily for the past couple of months and my skin already looks healthier, clearer and better. This water based serum is extremely light, non sticky and non fragrant (I personally detest fragrant serums as they tend to suffocate my skin). Tested by dermatologists, it boasts of 3-O Ethyl Ascorbic Acid, closest to pure Vitamin C for effective cure of any blemishes, oil control and dark circles. The beauty concoction with Niacinamide even reduces spots and administers an even skin tone. Only a few weeks with this serum I could see a considerable lightening of my acne scars. If you aren’t a beginner try the Nykaa SKINRX 20% Vitamin C for advanced repair. A great bargain for flawless, bright and beautiful skin!

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