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Fresh Scoop On The Benefits Of Aloe Vera For Skin

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Benefits of aloe vera for skin

Aloe there! Just like that, you will find aloe vera listed in most of the products from moisturizers to toners, and for a good reason. The key to your skin’s happiness is keeping it hydrated and aloe with its water content ranging from 98.5% to 99.5% does an exceptional job at that. Known for its reputation as a cure-all ingredient, this electric-green plant is one of the few staples in your grammy’s beauty cabinet that have made it across all generations. What we are saying is this: The ‘plant of immortality’ is here to top the list of beauty essentials.

If you are yet to figure everyone’s obsession with these succulent leaves, read on and you will know why.

Aloe Vera Benefits

Here’s a lowdown on the benefits of aloe vera for skin.

  • So you abandoned your sunscreen at the beach and now you’ve got a bad sunburn? Aloe to the rescue. Aloe vera gel contains aloin, an anti-inflammatory compound chock-full of antioxidants that helps sunburned skin heal faster. It can work great for first- and second-degree burns.
  • Dark spots are notorious for appearing unannounced. These stubborn marks which are usually an offshoot of acne, sun exposure or natural aging process can be made to gradually fade away with regular application of aloe vera.
  • This one needs no saying. Aloe vera is the best natural moisturizer you can get your hands on because it helps hydrate skin and lock in moisture to treat dryness.
  • Ever tried using aloe vera for acne? If you haven’t, you should. Thanks to its anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties, aloe vera makes for an ideal natural ingredient to supplement your acne medications. It helps calm inflamed skin, prevent breakouts and treat acne faster.
  • You can’t avoid fine lines and wrinkles but you surely can put them off to an extent and how? The compounds in aloe vera stimulate the production of collagen and elastin fibers that help skin stay supple and firm. In other words, it restores skin’s elasticity and reduces fine lines.
  • If you’ve got a wound, simply take the pulp of an aloe leaf and gently heat it over flames until warm before rubbing it on the affected area. The compounds in this leaf aid cell regeneration and help wounds heal faster.

Aloe Vera Gel Application

If you want to take the at-home route, you can simply slice an aloe leaf at its base and drain it of its yellow-brown sap before use. Here’s how to use aloe vera for face.

Step 1: Using a knife, peel the outer layer of the leaf and scoop out the gel into a cup with the help of a spoon.

Step 2: Blend the aloe gel in a blender until it achieves a thick, even consistency.

Step 3: Add 2 tablespoons of Honey to the aloe juice and stir well.

Step 4: Gently massage this mixture on face and let it sit for 15 minutes.

Step 5: Rinse off with cold water.

If you listen close enough, you’ll hear your skin thank you for the hydration boost!

Best Aloe Vera Gel Products

We’ve rounded up a list of promising skin care products that had us at aloe. Here’s a scoop.

1. Aloe Vera For Redness: Innisfree Aloe Vera Revital Soothing Gel

Comfort in a bottle! This soothing formula will help your skin cool down after a long day outside thanks to the blend of Jeju Aloe and Madecassoside. It prevents loss of moisture and strengthens the skin barrier while revitalizing skin to its healthiest yet. Formulated for face, arms and legs, it promises to energise stressed skin. Pro tip: Store this gel in your refrigerator before use for a more calming effect.

Aloe vera for redness
Aloe vera for acne

2. Aloe Vera For Acne: Iba Halal Care Advanced Activs Crystal Clear 48Hr Hydrating & Acne Fighting Aloe Vera Gel

Prone to acne? The Iba Halal Care Advanced Activs Crystal Clear 48Hr Hydrating & Acne Fighting Aloe Vera Gel is an all-in-one multi-targeted solution to clear, hydrated and acne-free skin. Think of it as your one way ticket to lock in moisture and unlock hydrated skin. Free of alcohol and parabens, it also helps unclog pores to weed out impurities and ensure your skin successfully fights acne and breakouts.

3. Aloe Vera For Dry Skin: WOW Skin Science Aloe Vera Gel

WOW Skin Science Aloe Vera Gel, born from the purest gel extracts of ripe, robust and succulent Aloe Vera leaves, it keeps dryness at bay, soothes inflammation and tightens pores. Besides, it helps reduce pigmentation and smoothen skin. As if all this weren’t enough, it also works as a bottled first aid that helps heal wounds thanks to its cooling formula. And trust us, it works way better than pressing the cold ice pack on your skin.

Aloe vera for dry skin
Aloe vera for dark spots

4. Aloe Vera For Dark Spots: Lakme 9 to 5 Naturale Aloe Aqua Gel

Pollution and other environmental stressors can wear out your skin while encouraging dark spots and blemishes. This is where the Lakme 9 to 5 Naturale Aloe Aqua Gel dives in as a rescuer to act as a barrier between pollution and your skin. Infused with pure Aloe Vera, it’s light, hydrating and non-sticky. Just pat and spread a pea-sized amount of this gel on your face after your shower for better absorption before you hit the roads.

5. Aloe Vera For Glowing Skin: Nykaa Skin Secrets Green Tea + Aloe Vera Sheet Mask

If the skin on your face spells dry and dull, the Nykaa Skin Secrets Green Tea + Aloe Vera Sheet Mask should ideally be your next buy. Why? Aloe Vera extracts calm troubled skin while delivering a major hydrating boost and Green Tea extracts work along to revive dull skin and improve complexion. Put it on your face anytime you crave a little hydration.

Aloe vera for glowing skin
Aloe vera for pigmentation

6. Aloe Vera For Pigmentation: VILVAH 100% Pure & Cold Pressed Aloevera Gel

How about a therapeutic hydrator that quenches thirsty skin whilst also treating pigmentation? The VILVAH 100% Pure & Cold Pressed Aloevera Gel hugs every inch of your body to soothe irritated skin and promote glowing skin. It works especially great for oily and acne-prone skin as it’s lightweight and helps remove pesky scars that acne leaves behind. Simply take a scoop out of the glass container and slather it across skin for a cool burst of refreshing hydration.

7. Aloe Vera For Sunburn: Mamaearth Aloe Vera Gel With Pure Aloe Vera & Vitamin E

If an Aloe Vera and Vitamin E had a baby, this would be it – Mamaearth Aloe Vera Gel With Pure Aloe Vera & Vitamin E. It unifies the hydrating and soothing properties of Aloe with the nourishing properties of Tocopherol to coddle troubled skin whether its rashes or sunburn. Simple and effective, this should be your pick-me-up after a long day at the beach.

Aloe vera for sunburn
Aloe vera juice for skin

8. Aloe Vera Juice For Skin: Kapiva Ayurveda Aloe Vera Juice

If you are done slathering products on your skin and would rather drink your way to a healthier complexion, the Kapiva Ayurveda Aloe Vera Juice can help you with that. Sourced from the pulp of the best Aloe Vera plants grown in the deserts of Jodhpur, this pure juice is your one way ticket to unlocking radiant skin. Also nice: It flushes out toxins from the bloodstream which again translates to better skin.

FAQs On Aloe Vera For Skin

1. Recommend aloe vera juice for skin.

2. What are aloe vera soap benefits? Suggest good aloe vera soaps for body.

Regular use of an aloe vera soap treats dryness and keeps your skin conditioned. Aloe vera soap maintains moisture balance with its generous dose of hydration and calms irritated skin.

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