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Fruity Beauty: The Best Fruit-Infused Products On Nykaa

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Remember that old adage, five (fruit and veg) a day keeps the doctor away? Well, we’ll take it a step further and say fruit is good for not just your tummy but your skin and strands too. No wonder then that fruit-infused hair and skincare is fast becoming the latest trend in the beauty industry.

Here are our favorite delicious, healthy beauty treats:

  1. 1. Naturalium Melon Bath And Shower Gel

    This refreshing bath and shower gel infused with the goodness of Melon, enriched with Vitamin E and Antioxidants, and abounding in anti-free radical properties is intensely nourishing and hydrating. Not only does this work wonders in leaving your skin feeling rejuvenated, but it also smells like a dream come true with its exotic tropical fragrance that transports you to a land far away.
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    2. Bomb Cosmetics What A Melon Lip Treatment

    Completely handmade and cruelty-free, here’s an emollient lip treatment immersed in pure oils and butters that seals in the moisture nourishing your lips and enhancing their natural texture. Bomb Cosmetics has truly aced this long-lasting, melon flavored lip treatment which is guaranteed to leave you with a smooth, conditioned and luscious pout. So, get ready to pucker up for the Gram, girls.
  3. 3. Biotique Bio Pineapple Oil Control Foaming Face Wash

    Pineapple, the queen of tropical fruits, overflowing with Vitamins, an enzyme called Bromelain and other nutrients, is the key ingredient in this cleansing, foaming face wash from Biotique. Further blended with Neem, Lavang and Clove Oil, this formula completely dissolves makeup, unclogs pores and purifies your complexion. Add this to your daily CTM routine and we promise, you won’t be disappointed.
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    4. The Nature's Co. Passion Fruit-Pineapple Body Mist

    If you’ve not figured it out already, we’re clearly a fan of the tropics. And this body mist from The Nature’s Co. with its tropical fusion of Pineapple, Passion Fruit and moisturizing Aloe Vera is the perfect addition to our fruit-infused beauty bag. Simply spritz it on after your shower and let your senses get lost in the tropical paradise. Carry it in your bag for a pick-me-up during the day!

    5. The Beauty Co. Mix Berries Glitter Glow Mask

    Berries are always a treat to the senses whether it’s flavor or fragrance and The Beauty Co. takes it one step further with this pure Berry Extract based glitter, peel-off mask. It’s packed with Vitamin C and K and is specially formulated to give you instantly glowing skin in less than 10 minutes by repairing and hydrating your damaged and exhausted skin. So, if you’ve got a long night of partying after a long day at work, you know what to use.
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    6. Plum Grape Seed & Sea Buckthorn Mild Foam Scrub

    Filled with the antioxidant goodness of Grape Seed Oil and healing Sea Buckthorn Oil, Plum’s foam scrub is mild enough to use every day, cleansing better than a face wash by gently removing dead cells and promoting the renewal of your skin naturally. You’ll notice instantly brighter, softer, smoother skin that’s super soft to the touch. The best part – it works miracles on every skin type. We’re sold

    7. The Body Shop Banana Truly Nourishing Shampoo

    We’ve found a truly irresistible, truly nourishing shampoo from The Body Shop that’s developed using authentic, organic Banana puree straight from Ecuador. Just one wash leaves your hair nourished, fragrant and silky. Use it every day and you’ll notice the difference in the texture of your hair almost instantly. Who knew bananas weren’t just a source of Potassium but a way to soft, healthy hair too?
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    8. Nature's Essence Banana Facial Kit

    Look young and fresh with this facial kit that’s created using Almond Oil and Bananas that nourish and enhance your complexion. The kit comes with a deep cleansing Banana Milk Cream with purifying properties, a Banana Peel Scrub Cream to remove the dead skin cells, Banana Coco Butter Cream and a Banana Protein Pack which improves the quality of your skin. #SundaySelfcare for the win!
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