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Fun comes in all shapes and colors at Soap Opera!

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Imagine a range of soaps that celebrate your persona.
Forget that boring bar of bathing soap in soothing green or blue that you slather on every morning. Check out the glorious, fragrant creations from Soap Opera, handcrafted pure glycerin soaps in a dizzying array of shapes and size. Prefer hearts and star shaped soaps? Check! Want one shaped like a designer slipper or a pretty butterfly? Check! Get all these and more, alluring designs from a brand that makes child and skin-safe soaps with fragrances exclusively sourced from Grasse, France. These nifty shapes fit snugly in the palm of your hands and feel as fragrant as a walk in the garden. All you get is glycerin mildness enriched with moisturizers. The soaps contain Olive oil, Glycerin and Essential Oils, soothing ingredients bound to leave your skin soft, clean and pampered like no ordinary soap can. What’s more, all the soaps are free of sulfates parabens and formaldehydes. Such a fun, safe way to brighten up your bath time and mood!
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Soap Opera Handmade Designer Lips Soap
Rs. 100
Size: 55 gm
A handmade designer soap for kids in the shape of a luscious pout. Contains no toxic ingredients. Available in vibrant and bright colors with a fruity, floral and Musk aroma.
Soap Opera Glycerin Based Spearmint Spice Soap
Rs. 165
Size: 110 gm
Infused with the goodness of Olive Oil to moisturize and soothe skin, and Spearmint Essential Oils to refresh and relax the senses. The perfect soap for an energized morning.
Soap Opera Handmade Designer Slipper Soap
Rs. 165
Size: 135 gm
Such a pretty way to make bath times fun for kids. It’s like bringing home the beach into the shower!
Soap Opera Handmade Designer Foot Soap
Rs. 165
Size: 135 gm
With a refreshing aroma and natural, organic ingredients, it’s the perfect soap to liven up your baby’s bath time. Gentle on her delicate skin. Infused with the aroma of Mandarin, Bergamot and Nutmeg.
Soap Opera Glycerine Based Cinnamon Spice Soap
Rs. 165
Size: 110 gm
Exotic aromatic bar enriched with Olive Oil and Cinnamon Essential Oil to revitalize the senses and give your day a spritzy, earthy and zingy start.
Soap Opera Handmade Designer Rose Soap
Rs. 145
Size: 110 gm
Handcrafted to perfection! For the child who loves flowers! Child safe organic ingredients with an exclusive and heady fruity, floral aroma.
Soap Opera Ocean Blue Loofah Exfoliating Bar
Rs. 100
Size: 100 gm
Flaunt silky, smooth skin with this Glycerin and Ocean Loofah soap that cleanses and energizes. The mild exfoliator removes dead, dull skin while the Glycerin softens and hydrates. Gentle enough even for sensitive skin.
Soap Opera Coconut Husk Exfoliating Bar
Rs. 100
Size: 100 gm
Moisturize, nourish and brighten skin with this exfoliating bar that’s infused with the richness of Glycerin and antioxidant rich Coconut husk. Skin feels soft, smooth and hydrated.
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