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Gajra Hairstyle Inspirations From Our Favorite Bollywood Celebs

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Best Gajra Hairstyle Ideas

The wedding season is here; a lot of brides-to-be and even bridesmaids are looking for inspiration for the big day, and who better than Bollywood beauties to serve as a constant source of inspiration?

Whether it is outfits, styling of choora, draping your dupatta, accessories or hairstyles, we keep looking up to them for ideas. And lately, we have been spotting a lot of celebs creating a classic look with gajras!

Remember Sonam Kapoor’s sangeet hairstyle with a string of gajras on her fishtail braid? She looked like a princess and the gajra added a magical touch to her overall look!

If you want to take your hairstyle game a step further, take inspiration from the B-town celebs’ drool-worthy hairdos with the timeless gajras that even make a simple hairstyle look gorgeous!

Here are our favorite gajra hairstyles!

Gajra Hairstyle Look 1

1. Full Gajra Style

This way of putting on a gajra can never go out of style. Make a beautiful bun and wrap it entirely with gajra in such a way that it is prominent even from a distance. It looks great for a bridal hairstyle.

2. A Low Bun Covered With Gajra

This bun hairstyle with gajra is perfect for your sister or friend’s wedding. Make a neat low bun at the nape of your neck and make the gajra go all around the bun.

Gajra Hairstyle Look 2
Gajra Hairstyle Look 3

3. The Classic Round Bun With The Gajra Outlined

This gajra juda hairstyle of adding the gajra is absolutely stunning and gives you a rounded and heavy-haired look, especially if you have thin hair. A classic round gajra style is one of the most favorite hairstyles at weddings (and it never goes out of style!)

4. A Full Multicolored Gajra

Gajra comes in multicolors; you can choose to go for a single color or add more than one color to your look and flaunt it!

Gajra Hairstyle Look 4
Gajra Hairstyle Look 5

5. Half Moon-y Gajra

This is one of the cutest gajra hairstyles, where you just need to tie your hair in a bun and secure only half a gajra below the bun (or over the bun).

6. Side Low Bun

Sonam Kapoor looked stunning in a gold and white saree in the song ‘Gal Mithi Mithi Bol’, but what stole the show was her side low bun hairstyle adorned with a gajra that became a super hit at wedding ceremonies.

Gajra Hairstyle Look 6
Gajra Hairstyle Look 7

7. Side Gajra In Open Hair

You can also choose to leave your hair open and then add a string of gajras on one side securing it with an invisible bobby pin. Or you can also go for a messy half updo and pin up a string of gajras to your hair. You can choose to leave your hair on one side or at the back only.

8. Use The Gajra Flowers And Not The Gajra Strings

You can make a bun, braid, or any messy hairstyle, all you need to do is use the gajra flowers separately across your hairstyle where ever you like.

Gajra Hairstyle Look 8

Which gajra hairstyle did you love the most?

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