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Genius Beauty Hacks On A Budget

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Budget Beauty hacks

There can be days when you’re struggling with ‘beauty emergencies’! For instance, your mascara could dry up at the last minute or your hair feels greasy just when you are about to step out for your dinner date. Or maybe, you are on a budget crunch and need to resort to DIY hacks for your beauty needs. Whatever the reason is, it should not stop you from acing your beauty game. We are sure you might have tried hacks like using your lipstick as a blush or replacing eyeliner with your kajal sticks. But, if you’re on a lookout for more, we might have something for you. Here are some unconventional beauty hacks that can help you save money and change your beauty game for the better.

7 Genius Beauty Hacks You Should Try

1. Make Your Own Glitter Nail Polish

Finding the perfect glitter nail polish shade can be challenging. So how about you make it yourself? Just buy a bottle of clear nail polish, fill it up with glitter, and give it a nice shake. You can also get creative and add one of your existing nail colours into the mix to create a unique shade and shimmer. We recommend the Iba Breathable Argan Oil Enriched Top Coat that not only adds shine to your nails but also hydrates and nourishes your cuticles.

2. Reuse Your Old Mascara Wand

Instead of investing in a separate spoolie brush for your eyebrows, why not put your old mascara wand to good use? Once you’ve used up your mascara, don’t throw it away. Clean the wand gently with soap and warm water and let it dry and once it’s clean, use it as your makeshift spoolie. This is an excellent and economical makeup hack and you can also do your bit for the environment by minimising waste.

3. Customise Your Contouring Cream

Contouring is an essential step in a makeup routine. However, purchasing a contour palette can be tricky if you’re a newbie. So, till the time you figure out which contour palette suits you the best, you can try this makeup hack that includes using your foundation. Take a little bit of foundation on your palm and mix it with dark brown eyeshadow, and there you have a DIY contouring cream that easily blends into your skin.

4. DIY Makeup-Erasing Pen For Precision

Imagine this, you’re running late for a party and just when you got done with your entire makeup, you sneezed and smudged your eyeliner and mascara. Trust us, you’re not alone! And this is why this beauty tip is like a miracle we didn’t know we needed in our lives. Instead of wiping out your makeup and doing it from scratch, here’s what you can do - buy a refillable marker and fill it up with micellar water or any other makeup remover that suits you and voila! This DIY makeup-removing pen can help you fix your eyeliner without having to wipe it all off. You can also choose a marker with a small tip for maximum precision.

5. Naturally Defined Eyebrows With A Mascara

Do you want your eyebrows to look naturally defined without having to do serious eyebrow makeup? Your mascara can do the trick. After applying mascara, use the wand with leftover product to brush through your eyebrows. This will darken and fill up your eyebrows enough to make them look naturally defined and shaped. If you’re someone who isn’t confident with using an eyebrow pencil yet or struggle with getting those perfectly shaped brows, this beauty tip can come to your rescue.

6. Use Your Sheet Masks. Twice.

Sheet masks are great when you want to instantly deliver all the right ingredients to your skin. But no matter how long you keep a sheet mask on your face, your skin can’t soak up all the serum from it in one go. Well, here’s a skincare tip for when you’re at home, trying to make the most of a sheet mask: instead of throwing it away after a single use, simply decant the mask into a container and use it later. You can also use the mask on different parts of your body, like your neck or feet, once you’re done putting it on your face. We recommend the Nykaa Skin Secrets Active Solutions that comes in 29 variants with different skin-loving ingredients like honey, turmeric, hyaluronic acid, gold, etc.

7. Dry Shampoo Clean, Oily Hair

This beauty tip is for all the oily-haired girls who struggle to get a voluminous look but can’t afford to wash their hair too frequently. Most oily-haired women turn to dry shampoo when their hair gets unmanageably greasy and dirty. Well, have you ever thought about dry shampooing your clean hair instead? Give it a shot. Using dry shampoo on your roots, after you’ve washed and dried your hair, acts as a preventative measure. It absorbs oil as it’s released and ensures that your hair does not get oily too soon.

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