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Genius fixes for makeup messes-Part 2

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Makeup mistakes happen to the best of us, but check out these tips and tricks to make sure they don’t happen to you. We published the first part of the series a while back and if you missed it, click here. Then read up all these clever fixes to help you with your deepest beauty rut. All you’ll need are a few tiny tweaks to make a big impact.
Genius fixes for makeup messes Part 2 - 1
Let’s get real! We’ve all messed up our eye shadow from time to time. What would you do if your eye shadow extends way beyond your lid? Start all over? Well we have a solution for you not to have to start all over again. To fix this, all you need is a wet wipe.  Angle the wet wipe from the tip of your nose to the corner of your eye. Hold it tight and press your index finger firmly on the tissue covering the corner of your eye and pull it upward in a single stoke. This will instantly wipe off the excess eye shadow AND give you an instant even wing!
Going forward remember you don’t need to prime your eyelids with concealer and foundation. They might give temporary grip but since both are oil-based they can cause your shadow to move around. Instead, use a gel liner that matches your eye shadow and apply it over the spot where you’re applying shadow to give it super staying power.
Genius fixes for makeup messes Part 2 - 2
This is a common problem especially if you use under-eye concealer to mask circles and shadows. A few hours later you’re faced with ugly crease lines that instantly age you. Unfortunately no matter what kind of concealer you use, creasing is bound to occur. Nix the problem in the bud by not applying foundation around the under eye area. Remember, less is more, and the more products you layer on the greater the chances of creasing and caking.  The foundation will only add an additional layer beneath the concealer making it more liable to crease.
Just apply a light layer of concealer like L'Oreal Paris True Match Concealer with a damp makeup sponge like Colorbar Blend Away Foundation Sponge Wheel or Inglot Liquid Makeup Applicator. Once you’ve blended the concealer immediately set it with a loose powder like Faces Mineral Loose Powder using the same sponge and blend it in. This will stop under-eye creasing in its tracks so that you can sport perfect under eye makeup!
Genius fixes for makeup messes Part 2 - 3
Let’s admit this is one of the tougher things to get right. Either they are uneven or extremely curved. If your cat eyes get extra-long wing, let the liner dry completely. Then with the help of a Q-tip start scraping the extended wing and touch up your base makeup.  Now the curved liner fix: Take a dab of concealer on the back of your hand. Dip a flat angular brush like Colorbar Angled Angle Eye Defining Brush in the concealer and apply along the wing to sharpen it. Keep the brush flat at all times and keep dabbing and blending till you achieve the desired wing.
Genius fixes for makeup messes Part 2 - 4
We’ve all been there! You're rushing out the door, applying your base makeup with lightning speed, only to realize your foundation isn't rubbed in. The trick, dear girl, is BLENDING to ensure it looks seamless. Start with a tiny dab of foundation and add more if required. The main cause of cakey foundation is minimal blending and a too liberal does of foundation. The fix is to blend evenly and equally all over the face without missing a spot. Use a makeup sponge like Cosmetrix 32pk Foundation Wedges or a makeup brush like the Real Technique Expert Face Brush which we love, by the way. Also make sure you have enough light around you when you apply your makeup so you know when you’re going wrong.
Do let us know which other makeup messes you want us to fix for you in the comment box below!
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