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Get An All-Season Dandruff Cleansweep With Dove’s Newbies

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Facial Hair Removal Guide

When it comes to hair and scalp issues, dandruff is one of the least worrying on the list. It's usually harmless, until you’re itching your scalp like crazy. Oh, and when that one obnoxious friend just couldn’t hold off from asking that million-dollar question, “Were you dragged through a snowstorm?” Don’t you just want to strangle them? It won’t be long before you start looking for home remedies to cure dandruff after that.

But here’s the thing; your scalp develops dandruff for several reasons. And one of the major causes is changing seasons. You could be oiling your hair regularly and taking utmost care of your scalp, and BAM! There's a change in humidity levels and your scalp acts out by producing giant flakes of dandruff. We know how stressful that can be, but what if we told you that it’s totally preventable. Dove’s newest anti-dandruff range is perfect for an all-year-round hair care routine. Read on to know more about the right time to use its products.

1. Humid-Weather Solutions

You’d think that being born in a tropical country, our bodies would be more used to the looong Indian summer and monsoon. Think again! All that heat, rain and humidity can really do a number on your strands and scalps. You could wash your hair every morning, and by midday, you can already see a little grease in your strands. Our scalps are oilier and sweatier during the summer and monsoon, and so this can cause excessive dandruff. Which is why the Dove Dandruff Clean and Fresh Shampoo is perfect for this season. It’s mild enough to be used daily, removes dandruff with consistent use and provides a much-needed cooling sensation to the scalp. The Dove Dandruff Clean And Fresh Conditioner is also super-light, with a clean fragrance that’ll keep your spirits lifted without weighing your hair down. Use it after every wash to keep the dandruff and frizz away.

2. Cold-Weather Solutions 

In India, we mostly just have three seasons: an excruciatingly lengthy summer, two months of monsoon and then a brief winter. And just like your skin care, it’s essential that you switch out your anti-dandruff hair care for the colder months. Just like it’s ‘Clean and Fresh’ counterparts, the Dove Dandruff Care Shampoo, is clinically-proven to give 100% smoother and dandruff-free strands. It’s just the right consistency (rich, but not too thick), and is moisturising enough to give you a clean scalp, without drying it out. Formulated with a micro moisture serum, the shampoo will effectively provide your strands with a boost of hydration, while effectively eliminating itchiness and flakiness. Follow it up with the Dove Dandruff Care Conditioner to keep that winter frizz at bay. So, which one will you be trying today?

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