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Get Blushin’ Like Your Favorite Celebs

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Yea, it’s cold, but I’ve had a lot more reason to blush of late. If you’re wondering if there’s a man involved, I’m not going to say. But the biggest reason is that, lately, I’ve been really into blushes. I mean, the first thing I reach for is a blush. So much so that my friends have almost planned a blush intervention for me (like that’s a thing!). Okay, I am kidding, but then, again what’s not to love about a blush? They are probably the best thing about face makeup (in my opinion). And, guess who’s been feeding my blush obsession the most? Bollywood actresses. Obviously, I couldn’t let go of the opportunity to decode my favorite celeb’s blush looks. And, helping me do that are two celebrity MUAs, Shraddha Naik and Pallavi Symons. I am sure your interest is piqued already! C’mon, get scrolling!

Here are the top 4 blush makeup looks inspired by Bollywood stars

Blush Makeup Look – Shraddha Kapoor

1. Shraddha Kapoor

Shraddha Kapoor is all about those OTT eyes, a flawless base and glowy face highlighters. But, if there’s one thing that always stands out in her look, it’s definitely her rosy cheeks

Shades: Shraddha’s skin looks best when it’s flushed. MUA Shraddha adds, “I give her a pink tone blush most of the time as it looks natural on her skin tone.”

Texture: The MUA prefers to use a powder blush on Shraddha’s skin. She adds, “Her skin is quite greasy, so we have to dab a lot, especially when we are shooting. So, I always go for a powder blush as it stays longer and looks natural too.”

Application: Shraddha has an oval face shape. “I usually put the bush on the apple of the cheeks and blend it towards the hairline.”

Avoid: Like most of us, Shraddha has a yellow undertone. So, it’s ideal to steer clear of any orange-hued blush. As the MUA explains, “These shades tend to make her look pale.”

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2. Kriti Sanon

We are definitely not strangers to Kriti Sanon’s glowing skin. The point is, if she wouldn’t flaunt her flushed cheeks, who really will?  

Shades: Not only is Kriti fair, she also has great skin. MUA Shraddha says, “I love to use a pink or a peach blush on Kriti’s face.”

Texture: Kriti is really fond of cream blushes. “I use a nice cream blush or sometimes a liquid tint.”

Application: Since Kriti has a square face shape, MUA Shraddha applies blush only to the apple of her cheeks. She adds, “I don’t take it to upwards near the temple because that will elongate her face more.” She doesn’t experiment with neutral or brown shades on Kriti as they tend to make her skin look dull.

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Blush Makeup Look – Kriti Sanon
Blush Makeup Look – Malaika Arora

3. Malaika Arora

From her clothes to her makeup, is there anything that doesn't look good on Malaika? Seriously, this woman can carry anything off with absolute elan.  

Shades: Even though most colors look good on Malaika, MUA Pallavi has a preference. She adds, “I tend to use mostly rosy-pinks on Malaika because they brighten her face.”

Texture: Her blush trick on Malaika is a little different than usual. She explains, “I use a punchy rose-pink cream blush over her foundation. On top of that, I dust on a powder blush for a soft but pigmented flush on her cheeks.”

Application: Malaika’s high cheekbones have always been the talk of the town. MUA Pallavi explains, “Blush applied on the apples of her cheeks adds a bit of soft roundness to her face and looks very flattering on her.”

Avoid: Orange or even pastels are a big no-no on Malaika. “I would not use anything too pasty or pastel in color as it would make her skin appear dull, or anything too deep because it would look like the skin is bruised.”

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4. Bipasha Basu

TBH, Bipasha Basu is definitely among the fittest stars in Bollywood. But, it’s not just her fitness game that is on point. Her radiant skin scores some major brownie points.  

Shades: Bipasha has a thing for warm-toned blushes. MUA Pallavi says, “From time to time, I also experiment with soft brick colors or terracotta as they compliment her skin tone really well.”

Texture: MUA Pallavi uses a similar technique on Bipasha too i.e. she dusts a powder blush over a cream one. She explains further, “What this kind of application does is it makes the skin on the cheeks look dewy but not oily.”

Application: Bipasha has a very striking and prominent bone structure. “Her face is wider and therefore, there is room to experiment. I blend in a blush on the apple of her cheeks and sweep it upwards towards her temples.”

Avoid: MUA Pallavi steers clear of orange on Bipasha. She adds, “Orange works great as a corrector on this kind of skin tone but as a blush it throws up the green and blue undertones that are characteristic of a medium skin tone.”

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Blush Makeup Look – Bipasha Basu

Blush Hacks 101:

Now, that you know which blush works on your favorite celebrity, MUA Shraddha and MUA Pallavi have some blush hacks for you too.

MUA Shraddha Naik’s Tips:

  1. Use a cream blush under a powder one to increase the longevity.
  2. If you are using a liquid tint, make sure you apply less quantity and blend it immediately. Then move to the other cheek as liquid tints are highly pigmented and stain very easily.
  3. Never apply too much blush in the beginning. You can always build your way up.
  4. You can also add a setting powder over your blush to make it more subtle and last longer.


  1. To give yourself a little pick-me-up around the eyes, use a rounded eyeshadow brush and lightly dust on a blush color (peaches or corals or pinks) into your crease line while keeping your eyelids neutral (base color). It will add freshness to your otherwise neutral makeup.
  2. Blushes work wonders as on-the-go color cosmetics! I would recommend creme to powder blush products for this purpose! This look is too pretty to resist and can be easily applied with minimum fuss!
  3. Long wear lipsticks make amazing cheek stains! Use a primer underneath so the color goes on smoothly without getting into the pores.
  4. A matte bronzer blended softly into the apples of the cheeks has this raw, fierce appeal that showcases the boldness of minimalism.
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