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Trending RN: Hailey Bieber's Glazed Chocolate Donut Nails

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Pumpkin spice and everything nice! Yes, I don't need to run with a clique in New York City to tell you all that it is officially fall. And although, watching trees turn shades from ambers to scarlets in the concrete jungle is a sight I can only witness via Instagram reels (sigh, the FoMo is surreal). I have been relishing the season in all its glory from my Mumbai apartment. Sure, technically, a shower and a half, is sprung upon us, out-of-the-blue. But that’s moot because I have already switched things up, from my wardrobe to my everyday glam, to embrace the autumnal equinox with vigour and fresh enthusiasm.

Yes, my plan for fall is to go OTT— the subdued, soft glam will be a thing of the past. As I don risque looks - make a statement with vinyl lips, bold eyes and a slew of colours. While also savouring the latest trends doing the rounds in the beauty space, giving into my whimsies and indulging my creative side. Speaking of trends and caprice, everybody’s favourite- the glazed donut skin look, which became a colossal hit with beauty aficionados has also been subjected to metamorphism. Yes, notorious for breaking the internet with unprecedented trends, OG Hailey Rhode Bieber debuted her glazed donut nails prompting the world to go bonkers. And among the various iterations that graciously blessed our feeds, my favourite would be Mrs. Bieber’s rendition of chocolate glazed donut nails.

This frenzy whipped by the USA-based model has set the tone for the rest of Fall. I can't wait to hit a bunch of parties with a base of deep chocolate adorning my nails, topped with the shimmer of a Krispy Kreme donut. However, if you think that the delectable deep-brown manicure can only be flaunted; courtesy of your nearest nail bar, we come bearing good news. Here is how you can get these aesthetically pleasing, gorgeous set of nails, even from the comfort of your home (petition for Hailey to start her own Pinterest account)!

1. All About That Base

base coat

DeBelle Top & Base Coat

To ensure that your manicure is long-lasting, it is crucial to first prep your nails. Apply a thin, even layer of your favourite sheer top coat for that polished look. Alternatively, if you are looking at gel nails (I have seen people recreate this trend, with medium round gel press-ons) — make sure to buff and file the enamel, push the cuticle ever so slightly so that the fresh set of gels can sit on the bed. Top this up with a coat of base.

2. Chocolatey Treat

nail lacquer

O.P.I Nail Lacquer - Chocolate Moose

Now that your base is set and dry, apply a single coat of chocolate-coloured nail lacquer. You might want to top it off, with another sheet — you know, to be sure.

3. Time For That Glaze

nail lacquer

O.P.I Top Coat

You may or may not use a twinge of chrome powder to create a super smooth, almost mirror-like finish (if you don’t have chrome powder, please skip). Now for the final touches, paint on a layer of an iridescent hue on your nails to ape that glistening glaze of a chocolate donut, and voila, you are ready for Fall!

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