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Get Ready With Jovita George For Pongal

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An ode to mother nature, a celebration of solidarity that transcends humankind — Pongal has kicked off the festivities of 2023 in full swing. This four-day mad rager also commemorates turning over a new leaf and manifesting good energy for the brand new year (the kind of refresher WE need). That’s right- we are reclaiming our juju by partaking in a glorious feast, letting our hair down and partying way past our bedtime (raring to go in ‘23!).

Amongst the other preparations for this grand gala, it’s imperative to lock the look for the bash. After all, the festival marks a new dawn, indicative of hitting a reset on life (of sorts) — your glam for the event ought to be fresh, one that exudes confidence and commands attention (that’s the energy we are putting out in the universe!). If you are someone who observes and celebrates this pious occasion and needs some beauty inspiration, you can count on us! Beauty Book got in touch with Jovita George, a beauty influencer, fashion enthusiast and advocate for breaking the shackles of regressive beauty norms. The creative who has donned many hats in the past (engineer, marketer, art director, you name it) did us a solid by breaking down a glam avatar from her archives. What’s even better, is that Ms George has been leading by example — she uses products that are vegan and cruelty-free.

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“I start with a pea-sized amount of my primer, press it gently onto the skin and then swipe it across the face. The primer ensures a smooth base allowing your makeup to sit better on the skin. I follow this up with a foundation — currently using the Kay Beauty variety that helps administer an even tone and covers any blemishes. If you don’t have any discolouration or spots on the face, feel free to skip this step. I use a Kabuki Brush from my vanity to help blend the foundation. Next, I apply a hint of concealer around my lips and under my eyes. I take a dense brush and blend it in diligently. I continue the process until the visible (if any) splotches and creases disappear! After applying three cream-based products, the skin may show some creasing and to help dwindle their appearance, I use the Ultimate Mineral Loose Powder from Faces Canada.”


“I use the NYX Makeup Brow Pencil to grant some definition to my brows. Begin by brushing them out with the spoolie and fill in any gaps with the pencil. I then proceed to apply some kajal; I use the Pro Intense Gel from Faces Canada. The colour is supremely pigmented and comes with a sponge tip, which I love. I apply it on my waterline and use the other end to extend it further outside for a softer look. Next, I use Nykaa Long Lengthening Mascara, just a single swap gives me lush, voluminous lashes without weighing them down. The wand also ensures a great handle over the product!”


“For the perfect pucker, I use the Matte Lipstick- Believe In You, from Masaba along with The NYX professional in the shade-Seduction for the perfect colour payoff. Both the formulae are long-lasting, water-proof and won’t feather no matter how many treats you devour!”

Finishing Touches

“For the final touches, I apply a twinge of blush on the apple of my eyes. I have been using the Cherry tint from Earth Rhythm. To lock the look I spritz the e.l.f cosmetics setting spray, and voila! I am good to go! Wishing you all a very happy Pongal.”

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