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Get The Salon Glow With O3+

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Over the past two years, I have somewhat become habituated to attending major events in the lives of my friends and family virtually. We are talking — engagement parties on Zoom, and getting on a ‘surprise’ birthday facetime for a coworker, to name a few. And though I appreciate the beauty of the internet in bringing people together, spanning across the globe it has always been better to indulge in festivities and celebrations in person. A jam-packed social calendar over the last couple of months has kept me on my toes, but I am not complaining! But there is just one thing that I phased out during the lockdown and can’t seem to get back to is hitting the salon. Yes, what was a bi-monthly ritual or more (in case of impending festivities and events) before the pandemic seems to take a lot of my energy. And not to mention fitting it into my schedule becomes a task. It only gets trickier when you are scrambling for the instant, unparalleled glow in light of festivals and other occasions! I have been surveying the market to find a one-stop destination to get that enviable, radiant glow without encountering the festive rush at beauty salons. A mini makeover for my skin, that I could avail in the comfort of my own home and also hope to save a couple of hundred bucks. In a fast-paced world, this combination is undeniably a luxury.

Well, if you find yourself in the same boat as me (holla back at me!) you'd be happy to know that in pursuit of giving myself a glow-up, I stumbled across a range of products from the brand 03+. These offerings have been a revelation, especially for someone like me, who has always believed that nothing beats a salon treatment for the skin. I stand corrected and bring you my honest review of these top-of-the-line, professional products that are curated so that you can tap into that impeccable, natural gleam of your skin without any hassles. So, light a scented candle, crack open a bottle of the finest wine and indulge in this luxurious, feel-good experience from your couch.

o3 detan pack

O3+ Brightening & Glow Boosting Dermal Zone D -Tan Pack

I was recently back in Chennai to celebrate my best friend's larger-than-life bachelorette party spanning over three days. Although sitting by the beach side, playing water volleyball and indulging in other shenanigans under the scorching sun was a lot of fun at the moment, as a result of it all I ended up getting super tanned, and how. To counter the problem, I turned to the Dtan Pack for a swift solution and am pleased to tell you that it worked like magic. Laced with stone crop (a small succulent), the pack adroitly tackles major skin concerns on multiple fronts—administering even skin tone, dwindling pigmentation, facilitating skin cells' regeneration and calming any signs of stress and irritation on the epidermis. I have sensitive, combination-type skin and am prone to breaking into bouts of acne however, this offering did not amplify or flare any of the pre-existing skin conditions I grapple with usually. The power concoction instead had a pleasant, cooling impact on the skin and gave me instantaneous results by clearing and cleansing my complexion, thanks to mint and essential oil. A miracle product for anyone chasing the salon-like glow within minutes at home, this is a must-have in your beauty box! So, no more looking up salons on the internet and rendezvous with ‘parlour wali didis’ is a thing of the past. The potent pack is also cruelty-free and forgoes the usage of sulphates and parabens in its formulation.

o3 bridal facial kit

O3+ Bridal Facial Kit for Radiant & Glowing Skin

Nothing surpasses a healthy glow from within, which translates so enchantingly on your face. This is why I recommend using the Bridal Facial Kit from this cult brand. It is one of the primary, award-winning offerings, that gives your skin the instant gratification that it needs. But what’s to be noted is that the luminous radiance isn’t just surface deep, this kit prioritises deep cleansing, a colossal dose of hydration and supervises an even skin tone. Now, I am not getting hitched any time soon (sorry, mom) but have been making good use of the oxygenating glowing skin kit for oily, acne-prone dull skin, before events and festivities. The ten-step facial that you can indulge in from the comfort of your living room not only delivers on the promise of radiant and glowing skin but also helps you to unwind. The kit comes braced with an exhaustive guide on ways to unveil that glow from a salon-like facial. It involves a whitening serum, a facial power mask gel and a mask powder to name a few, that have been curated to get you glowing! As October marks a lot of festivities and events, I made sure to prepare and stock a few of these, you know?

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