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Get With The Airbrushed Eyeshadow Trend With These Inexpensive Palettes

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The art of airbrushing is a simple, seamless and stylish skill. A few spritzes of color pigments filled in an airbrush gun immediately wipes out imperfections, subtly enhances your natural glow without overpowering your look. An effect that’s parallel to none. Grasped by aficionados. And yearned by all. Try TEMPTU’s Pro Silicon Based S/B Hi-Def Pack with TEMPTU’s Pro Pod Airbrush Gun + Air Compressor to know what we mean.

But investing in the technique isn’t exactly el cheapo. Not all of us can afford that luxury. However, bagging an airbrushed eyeshadow sheen has been topping of the trend forecast for a while now. And so, as usual, we’ve found a middle ground. Don’t underestimate our old-school eyeshadow palettes that don’t cost an arm and a leg. All you need to do is master the right technique and you’re good to go.

Vibe: Pretty Pink

Bag: Huda Beauty The New Nude Eyeshadow Palette

Hack: Pick a light, medium and dark shade of pink from this palette. Then, using the tip of your ring finger blend the medium tone all over your eyelid. Ensure you use very little pigment, and further blend with an eyeshadow brush. Then blend the lighter tone in the inner corner of your eye and line a thin line of the darkest pink tone as an outline on your upper eyelid. Voila! You’ve got yourself a soft, baby pink romantic, airbrushed eyeshadow look.

Vibe: Broody Brown

Bag: MyGlamm 3 in 1: Primer, Eye Shadow & Highlighter

Hack: Since this palette comes with a primer, you know it’s going to do justice to the airbrush trend by lasting all-day long. Another amazing fact is its one-shade-fits-all brown tone. All you need to do is just decide how thick you’d like your eyeshadow to be. Swipe it across and blend like you’ve never blended before. Finish with mascara and that’s it. As easy as that.

Vibe: Sunkissed Coral

Bag: NYX Professional Makeup Ultimate Multi-Finish Shadow Palette in Sugar High

Hack: Be it your next beach vacation, weekend getaway or somber sundowners; a sunkissed-coral airbrushed eyeshadow can be everybody’s go-to look. Instead of a monotoned effect, this shade allows you to experiment by adding some depth. Turn to the third row in this palette. Begin with the medium tone all over, go darker in the outer corner of your lid and lighter in the inner corners.

Vibe: Galactic glow

Bag: Kiko Milano Water Eyeshadow

Hack: One look at Kiko Milano’s collection of water eyeshadows leaves you mesmerized. If you’re not a ‘bling’ person, it’ll convert you. With its intense, shimmery pigment, all you need is just one shade and the tip of your ring finger to ace this look. The warmth of your fingertips exudes a seamless and sexy finish that stays all night long.

Vibe: Rocker Chic

Bag: Paese Cosmetics Opal Eyeshadow in 236
Lady Of The Lake

Hack: On days we like to go bold, we usually veer towards a blue or violet eyeshadow. This palette offers both shades, allowing you to go for the monotone sheen or mix-and-match between three tones. Whatever tone and trend you pick, do not forget to blend it out. The more you blend, the better the airbrushed effect.

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