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Getting snowed under

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Finding the right dandruff shampoo   Snowflakes look pretty but only on the leaves of trees. If you’re plagued by those dreaded white flakes that seem to shower down on your suit jacket or blouse, and rarely wear dark clothes because of the snowy carpet that settles on your shoulders, relax! A solution is easy to find. Dandruff is one of the commonest health conditions that affect millions, either throughout the year or in drier months. Hair loss is a common accompanying condition and it’s important that you tackle the condition at its root and soothe your scalp. Scalp condition Contrary to what you think dandruff isn’t acerbated by a dry scalp condition only. It’s prevalent in people born with excessively oily scalps. Oiliness leads to excessive build-up of dirt in the hair which leads to flaking. While it’s impossible to change the inherent skin type you’re born with, you can optimize your scalp’s condition by using products best suited for your skin and hair type. Anti-dandruff products You probably know that dandruff is not contagious or serious. You may also have noticed that the condition gets worse if you don’t wash your hair regularly. Infrequent shampooing can cause the oil and skin cells to build up on the scalp and eventually flake off. There’s no death of products to rid you of dandruff and make your scalp behave. Take your pick from Sunsilk Anti-Dandruff Solution Shampoo, Pantene Anti-Dandruff Shampoo, Clinic Plus Anti-Dandruff Shampoo and VLCC’s Dandruff Control Shampoo. For stubborn dandruff that doesn’t respond to specialized shampoos, there are medicated formulations to treat the condition. Lifestyle changes Dandruff is not simply a scalp issue. Often small changes to your lifestyle can reduce the incidence of these snowy flakes. Experts maintain that too much stress can take its toll, leading to dandruff. It’s important, therefore, that you try and ease back a bit and keep some time for de-stressing fun-activities that you enjoy. It’s also worthwhile to ease off styling products such as mousse, balm, gel and volumizer that can irritate the scalp and cause dandruff. Anti-dandruff shampoo Doctors suggest that you use anti-dandruff shampoo daily. After lathering, leave the product in your hair for at least five minutes to let it work on the scalp before rinsing it out completely. When the condition eases up, you can decrease your use to two to three times per week. Occasionally, if one specific brand may stop being as effective, switching to another brand is often the solution.
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