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Give Your Tresses Much-Needed Love – Tune in to Nykaa’s Hair Studio

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Aveda Professionals share hair tips

A one-sided love affair: the relationship I share with my hair. Not an exaggeration for effect but maintaining the optimal health and appearance of my tresses is hard work, demanding me to be on my toes throughout. To make matters worse, the temperamental weather conditions, excessive dirt, and never-ending pollution aggravate the pre-existing hair concerns – as if extreme dryness and frizz were not enough. But not for long! Scroll further to learn how.

Nykaa Hair Studio, a four-day-long event, is here to answer all of my (and yours) hair-related queries and concerns. The event, aiming to make professional hair care simple and accessible for all, kickstarts with Aveda Hair Salon experts – answer some burning questions, share tips, and stellar recommendations to combat concerns like damage, frizz, and dryness. If you too want to unlock good hair days like me, keep reading!

Why is Scalp Care Essential for Healthy Hair?

For the uninitiated, scalp care is integral to healthy hair growth. An extension of your skin, it is no stranger to aggravating environmental factors. Aveda expert Lauren Todd adds, “The drying effects of the sun can make your scalp dry and leave your hair dry, brittle and vulnerable. Since your scalp is skin, just like the skin on your face, it’s important to treat scalp care like skin care and hydrate regularly. Oiling your scalp especially if you have a dry scalp not only hydrates but also gives you a chance to disconnect and focus on your breathing during the ritual can help increase your mindfulness.”

Todd further shares a fool-proof regimen to make the best of oiling

  1. Prewash: Apply little oil on your hand and run it through your hair and scalp and wash your hair for soft and shiny hair
  2. Leave in: For pre-styling before whipping out your hair tool
  3. Prewash: You can use it as an overnight treatment and wake up to lush, hydrated tresses. If you grapple with an exceedingly dry scalp, cascade the oil directly onto the surface.

How to Reverse Damage and Attend to Dry Hair?

As you may already know, a healthy scalp is vital to bolster the health and appearance of your hair. So, if you are witnessing signs of brittle, damaged hair – you might want to check your scalp. Aveda expert Rachel Holler explains, “For dry hair or hair damage or perhaps you want to address hair thinning or a dry scalp. Whatever your hair needs are, hair masks act as effective treatments you can do right at home, as often as necessary. We recommend masking as a hair treatment after you shampoo. Gently squeeze out excess moisture from your hair and apply your mask of choice. Depending on the thickness of the mask, it can be helpful to use a comb to evenly distribute the product."

Rachel adds that one must pick a mask suitable for their hair type!

How to Identify Damaged or Dry Hair?

But first things first – how does one identify damaged hair without the help of a salon expert? Well, it is a fairly simple process suggested by Aveda Salon Expert and Education Specialist, Michael Lendon. Michael remarks, “To know if your hair is just dry or damaged – take a small strand of your hair and pull it lightly from both sides. If the hair stretches and goes back to its original position, it is healthy. If the hair breaks, it is damaged. If the hair stretches and doesn't go back to its original position, it's dry. For dry hair, use products that hydrate your hair depending on the porosity of your hair. For low porosity, use lighter products so they are easier to absorb and for high porosity use deep, intense products to gain hydration.”

How to Care for Curly Hair?

Administering nourishment and hydration to curly hair while ensuring the coils remain demands a different approach to hair care. Onboard expert Renée Gadar states, “Use a masque treatment or a lightweight scrunching product for curly wavy hair helps to define curl and waves and maintain hydration in the hair. It prevents brittle strands and restores hydration for shiny, moisture-rich curls. During winters, carry a leave in treatment for unruly and unmanageable hair. The treatment helps reduce frizz and makes the hair look shiny and soft. Do not wash away immediately after applying the leave in conditioner. Always follow the steps to use any conditioner as advised at the back of the bottle for best results.”

Tips to Minimise Frizz and Flyaways For Styling?

If you summon a heat appliance for your hair on the reg, you should make note of this tip. Aveda Expert Nikhil Patil says, “Use a styling foam to fight frizz and flyaway hair and to protect them from heat styling up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit or 232 degrees Celsius.” Curbing extreme poofiness and irksome flyways make the tresses more manageable and fetch better results with a straightening wand or curling iron.

A Styling Tip for Men

If you have short hair which refuses to hold any style, pay attention to this tip by our Aveda Expert and Hairstylist Instructor, Ronnie Appel says, states, “For strong hold for short hair and men styling use grooming clay. It helps you create any texture with a strong hold and matte finish.”

Want lush, flippable tresses that are full of love and nourishment? Then stay tuned to Nykaa Hair Studio where experts are spilling secrets and sharing globally loved brands you must get your hands on! Nykaa is also offering jaw-dropping discounts on select products which you don’t want to miss.

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