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An Editor-Approved Body Glow Guide For Brides

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guide to glowing skin

Glowing skin is just happy, hydrated, healthy skin, which is easily achievable if you start at the right time. Getting that bridal glow isn’t an overnight thing (how we wish it was though) — it takes months of pampering and preparations to look your radiant best on your D-Day. A pre-bridal care routine is what you need to get radiant looking skin that makes you stand out and look like a gleaming goddess. But if you’re wondering how you can achieve that extraordinary glow, look no further! We’ve got you. Apart from the tried and tested highlighter and moisturiser mix, we’ve got some tips and suggestions to amp up the bridal glow. From nourishing body washes and gentle exfoliators, to foot creams and body oils, we’ve got everything you’ll need for your pre-bridal care routine at home. Keep reading to get the full step by step routine on how you can get one step closer to looking like a glistening dream on the biggest day of your life.

Step 1: Prep with a relaxing shower

Pick a hydrating body wash which will help nourish your skin while cleansing and giving it a moisturised effect. Ensure to take a lukewarm water shower (avoid extremely long showers too) because hot water can dry out your skin.

best shower gel

Sol de Janeiro Brazilian 4play Moisturizing

best body wash

Dove Deep Moisture Body Wash

Step 2: Exfoliation is key

The next step is to get rid of dead skin cells and any product build up, so grab your body scrub and get exfoliating. Ingredients like shea butter and vitamin E are proven to help achieve a healthy glow. Post-shower, exfoliate using a long-handled dry brush with stiff bristles and move upward from the ankles to get rid of dead skin cells and build up.

best body scrub

Nykaa Wanderlust Body Scrub - Japanese Cherry Blossom

coffee scrub

MCaffeine Exfoliating Coffee Body Scrub for Tan Removal & Soft-Smooth Skin

dry body brush

House Of Beauty Dry Brush

Step 3: Hydrate and moisturise

Environmental aggressors and (as mentioned before) long hot showers can cause your skin to lose its natural oils causing it to dry out. Using body lotions whipped with ingredients like almond oil or vitamin C can go a long way to give you hydrated, glowy skin. To maintain a radiant complexion, be regular with your body lotion and never skimp on it.

best body lotion

NIVEA Body Lotion for Very Dry Skin

body lotion for dry skin

Aveda Cherry Almond Body Lotion

Step 4: Give your hands and feet some love

Dry and dull hands and feet are not a good look on anyone! Make sure to exfoliate and hydrate your hands and feet with hand and foot creams to help soothe and repair your skin. Use creams infused with coffee and aloe vera to tackle thirsty skin. Make sure to moisturise every night to soften those cuticles too. Oh, and if you apply a small amount on your painted nails, it will help maintain and protect the colour (it’s worked wonders for me, tbh).

best foot cream

Plum Bodylovin' Coffee Wake-a-ccino

foot cream for dry skin

Moha Foot Care Cream

nail and hand cream

Nykaa Freesia & Vanilla Hand & Nail Creme

foot care cream

TNW The Natural Wash Coconut Hand

Editor’s tip: Add body oil to your routine

Apart from hydrating and moisturising your skin with lotions and creams, take your body glow routine a level up with body oils. This will help give skin a more smoother, supple, radiant look while knocking out dryness. Use a generous amount on damp skin, straight out of the shower because it helps lock in the moisture better. You could go for oils with fruity or floral fragrances that you could pop into your honeymoon bag too (you’re welcome).

after bath oil

Forest Essentials Ayurvedic After Bath Oil Nargis

best body oil

MCaffeine Coffee Body Massage & Polishing Oil

best body oil for glowing skin

Kama Ayurveda Rose Jasmine Bath and Body Oil

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