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GLOW ON THE GO: Glow Essentials Mask & Moisture Set By Glamglow

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Face masks have gained immense popularity in the past year, especially with the growing obsession with self-care. However, let’s address the real question at hand. As much as we obsess over this mandatory detox, amidst endless social commitments how dedicated are we when it really comes down to the execution bit? Hm, thought as much.
Well, thanks to Glamglow and its genius travel friendly masks, the Glow Essentials: Mask + Moisture Set, you can now smear on a mask anytime, anywhere. So, whether it’s slipping into your snugs and crawling under the covers after a long day at work, sinking into your tub for a bubble bath or even at work between deadlines (c’mon, we’ve all done it), you’ve got these reliable mud mask treatments to bank on to push your reset button.

1. Monday - Supermud

If you had to pick one day of the week to clear your mind (and accumulated dead skin cells) it’s got to be Monday. Tailor-made to cleanse and clarify your skin sheet all the way down to your pores, the Supermud mask packs a blend of Activated Charcoal and Kaolin Clay to draw out stubborn impurities. It’s the perfect way to kickstart your week if you, like us, have a serious case of the Monday Blues.

2. Tuesday - Glowstarter

Is it just us, or did it feel like all anyone talked about this month was their favorite health drink? Coming to think of it, this topic actually a whole lot ‘healthier’ than most lunch table conversation. Speaking of which, right before you sip on your insta-worthy smoothie this week, slap on the Glowstarter moisturizer. This illuminating face moisturizer is literally everything. So, if your smoothie’s not going to help you glow, this will most definitely will.

Wednesday - Gravitymud

Allow us to introduce the Gravitymud. This firming mask smells so good, you could eat it. Powered with Liquorice, Witch Hazel and Marshmallow leaf (yes, Marshmallow leaf!), this peel-off formula is our midweek mask back here at the content headquarters. It instantly leaves skin feeling firm and more lifted. Think of it as contour in a tube. 

Thursday - Glowstarter

Instead of collecting dust in your wardrobe, your yoga pants need to see the light of day (yogis, please ignore). Attend your class, only this time you have something to look forward to while aligning your chakras. Enter the Glowstarter moisturizer. So, you have your post-yoga glow plus that beautiful sheen from this supercharged illuminating face formula. Seems like a win-win situation.

Friday - Flashmud

Packed with the power of Vitamin C, the Flashmud mask is literally the only thing you need on a Friday (other than a Martini night with your girlfriends, of course). Assuming that your jam-packed week would have probably drained the energy of your skin, this multi-sensorial mask is sure to brighten it up and bring it back to life. Plus, this tube is so tiny, that even after you hit the club, you can secretly use it in the ladies’ room for an instant glow. Hah!

Saturday - Thirstymud

Let’s talk about the Thirstymud treatment. Coconut, Ginger, Honey are the key accents infused in this wonderful mask born to give your skin-deep instant hydration. Smear it on while watching your favorite TV show and leave it on for 15 to 20 mins and wash it off. Apply the Glowstarter after to double up the hydration. Let’s face it. By Saturday, you’re going to need it.

Sunday - Powermud

Ah, we’ve finally reached Sunday. We call it the ‘Vegetable day’ (not because we like veggies) because it’s that day of the week we usually opt to vegetate. So, if you fall in that bracket, let the Powermud mask do all the work while you continue to, well do nothing. This revolutionary dual action mask is dedicated to remove dirt, oil, and makeup. Mask and chill? Sounds like the perfect Sunday to us!
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