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Godrej Professional Shares The Key To Recharge And Repair Your Locks

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You know the brand. You know its legacy. Now it’s time to put your faith in its latest offering, Godrej Professional. With four decades of research and development in the hair industry, they finally introduce a hair care and hair color brand, specially crafted for Indians. Their unique solutions don’t just suit our composition and climate, but delve deeper into our texture, cuticle layers, shape of cuticles, melanin content, breakage patterns… And knowing them, they’ve definitely roped in industry experts to maximize on science using all-natural ingredients. Touché!

Recently, they’ve launched two ranges that tackle daily damage: the KeraCare Recharge Range and the KeraCare Repair Range. If you go to see, most of us face either conundrum. And now you can reclaim the health of your hair in just 2 steps. Here’s how…

To Relax And Recharge

Like your mind, body and soul; even your hair needs a detox once in a while. The daily rigmarole has adverse effects on the health of your strands. And a rigorous oil massage isn’t the answer. But this two-step routine with KeraCare Recharge Range sure is…

Step 1: Keracare Recharge Shampoo

Nothing more satisfying than a cool, tingling sensation while cleansing your scalp and hair, right? This shampoo that’s enriched with Acai oil and Menthol gives you ’em feels but also hydrates, regulates oil secretion, eliminates impurities and controls excess sebum build up. So, while you enjoy its icy cool sensation, you’re invariably also rebuilding the strength and health of your hair. Ahhh!

Step 2: Keracare Recharge Conditioner

To optimize on your hair care, using a conditioner from the same range clinches the deal. This conditioner locks in moisture for longer, nourishes and eliminates frizz while balancing the pH level of hair making the hair smooth and manageable. Drenched in Acai oil and Wheat protein, this duo also works on all hair types. And if you know a thing or two about the brand, you can expect results in a fortnight. Aha, you heard it.

To Repair With Care

You’ve ignored your hair for far too long, and now no remedy can salvage your limp, lifeless hair? Redeem yourself with this KeraCare Repair Range that works as the CPR to your locks. Or even as a preventive measure. Lord knows it’s going to come handy with our daily styling exploits.

Step 1: Keracare Repair Shampoo

This one’s ideal for chemically treated hair. And these days, it’s rare to find someone with ‘virgin hair’. Blow drying, straightening, curling our locks is a given let alone cysteine treatments and whatnot. For all you know they’re the reason behind for our ‘dead’ locks. Packed with Grape Seed oil which is a rich source of Vitamin E, this shampoo gently cleanses the scalp and can be used for damaged, sensitized and chemically treated hair to revive its condition.

Step 2: Keracare Repair Mask

Fact that this range delivers a mask and not a conditioner says a lot. Masks as we know are famous for their intensive treatments and care. This one in particular is a deep hydrator, leaving hair feeling moisturized and shiny. With the repairing properties of Grape Seed oil and Wheat protein, this mask softens, locks in moisture and rejuvenates weak or brittle hair. We’d also urge you to invest in this tub after all your chemical treatments as an after-care measure.

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