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Good Food and Hair Care Tips for Healthy Hair

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Foods for Healthy Hair

So many things about your day could go right but life still won’t be perfect if it’s a bad hair day. And there are two ways to deal with it. You either brave the frizz and manage to feign a smile while watching women effortlessly strut around with picture perfect tresses or you make an effort to change things. Honestly, it’s high time you detangle the mysteries of your mane and trounced bad hair days. On that note, these superfoods have been hair saviors since forever and should urgently find space on your plate.


Top Foods for Healthy Hair

Fruit for good Hair- avocado

Food For Healthy Hair #1: Avocado

Always lusting for a lustrous mane but inexplicable hair loss giving you a hard time? Presenting the ultimate strand savior – Avocado, the best known fruit for good hair. A big time growth stimulator in the world of haircare, this antioxidant rich fruit unclogs blocked hair follicles and strengthens them to promote dense growth. Loaded with Vitamins, Copper, Iron and Folic Acid, this buttery berry helps retain natural moisture and protect your tresses from dandruff. The dream team of B- complex vitamins, Magnesium and Potassium in this best fruit for hair actively works from the inside to seal cuticle cells and prevent hair from rampant breakage. Swap the dollop of mayonnaise with mashed avocados in your salad, so your tresses can thank you!

Food For Healthy Hair #2: Olive Oil

Great for your salads but better for your locks, Olive Oil is high on antioxidants and Vitamins E and K. If you spend your more mornings with your hair straightener rather than a big breakfast bowl, let the humble Olive Oil rescue you. It packs a bevy of benefits that can help your good hair days last longer. It deeply conditions to soften your tresses, tames frizz, and reduces split ends. Since it acts as a moisturizing agent, it helps prevent dryness of the scalp and consequently prevents dandruff. A key ingredient of the Mediterranean diet, this bitter tiny fruit should be a part of your diet for healthy hair STAT. One dirty martini please!

diet for healthy hair- olive oil
diet for healthy hair- murumuru butter

Food For Healthy Hair #3: Murumuru Butter

When it comes to moisture, look no further than Murumuru Butter. What’s that you ask? Extracted from the seeds of the Murumuru palm tree, this butter is loaded with Oleic Acid and penetrates hair cuticles for intense moisturization. We don’t need to say that’s a sure-shot headway in achieving smooth and manageable tresses. Moreover, it’s non-greasy and lightweight which means no oily scalp. Your struggle days are finally over, you can watch your tresses finally behave.

Food For Healthy Hair #4: Walnut

Remember all the times you munched on a walnut with hopes to improve your brain power? Well, you also did your hair a favor because walnuts contain copious amounts of Selenium. Why do you need them, you ask? This brain food saves you from excessive hair loss while the Omega Fatty Acids strengthen your hair follicles. The anti-fungal traits of this dry fruit for hair make it a viable option for soothing an irritated scalp. Let’s tone down on the constant scratch scratch, eh? Another highlight you can’t afford to miss is that the husk of this nut is a natural coloring agent and improves your natural hair color. Just saying but you might want to reconsider that salon appointment.

Topical Alternative: Streax Hair Serum With Walnut Oil

dry fruit for hair- walnut
diet for healthy hair- egg

Food For Healthy Hair #5: Egg

Love eggs in your morning routine? You’ve certainly got one thing right in your life. A powerhouse of proteins, Eggs can help improve the texture of your mane. They are also loaded with Biotin – a hair growth vitamin – which should be your BFF for fringe benefits anyway. Sure, a greasy scalp can be blamed on humidity and hormones, but seriously, who’s got the time for that? Enter: Egg whites – the ultimate sebum-balancing cleanser, which means better scalp hygiene. Also, if you are guilty of neglecting the yolk and being biased towards just the white, you should know you are missing out on a great source of Vitamin D – the vitamin responsible for stimulating hair follicles and thus, hair growth. Besides, the Lutein in egg yolk can make damaged hair a thing of the past.

Food For Healthy Hair #6: Yogurt

If you suffer from dandruff and frizz that’s because you haven’t given Yogurt a shot yet! What makes Yogurt the game changer in tress troubles? It’s high in protein, the building block of your locks. The Lactic Acid in this moisturizing agent buffs away dead skin cells and cleanses the scalp, making way for healthier hair. To add to that, it regulates sebum production and balances the pH levels of your scalp while keeping hair fall in control. The best part is that Yogurt is loaded with Probiotics – the good bacteria that helps your body absorb nutrients faster. Time to make that occasional cup of Yogurt an everyday on-the-go affair.

diet for healthy hair- yogurt
diet for healthy hair- cinnamon

Food For Healthy Hair #7: Cinnamon

You may be surprised to learn that Cinnamon can do more than just add zing to your biryani. A scalp stimulator, it promotes blood circulation and scavenges unwanted buildup to encourage the growth of healthier follicles. Its anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties soothe an irritated scalp and prevent infections, which translates to improved hair health. This antioxidant rich spice keeps away free radicals and prevents further hair damage. We say provide deep nourishment to your hair follicles, the Cinnamon way.

Food For Healthy Hair #8: Onion

Wondering if your hair has any plans to grow longer while you watch it get thinner instead? What your hair needs, besides your desperate failed attempts, can be simply spelled in seven letters – Sulphur. And guess what, Onion brims with Sulphur that reduces thinning and regenerates hair follicles. This antioxidant and nutrient dense vegetable good for hair, battles premature greying and improves blood circulation in the scalp for faster growth. Its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal traits treat scalp infections for a healthier scalp with reduced hair loss. Dinking a cup of Onion juice can gradually give you smooth strands that endure the stress of the week without breaking a sweat.

vegetable good for hair- onion

Effective Hair Care Tips To Follow

We have rounded up the best hair care tips on how to maintain healthy hair that will make you realize everything that you have been doing wrong all this while. You can follow these natural hair care tips at home.

  1. We know you can’t resist the blow dryer. We have been tempted too. The least you could do is protect your locks from the damage. Before using any heat styling tools, spritz your hair with a hair protecting serum.
    We recommend: Wella Professionals EIMI Thermal Image Heat Protection Spray
  2. Those hot showers you love so much. Switch to lukewarm or cold showers and save your hair from getting brittle for that momentary delight.
  3. Remember how you immediately wrap your hair in a towel as soon as you step out of the shower? Yes, don’t do that. Use an old cotton tee instead, which would be gentler on your tresses.
  4. Don’t you love how tight ponytails keep all the hair off your face and let your skin breathe? Give that a break and try wearing your hair down or rocking looser ponytails with invisibobbles.
    We recommend: Invisibobble Hair Ring - Crystal Clear - Pack Of 3
  5. Swap your cotton pillow cover with a satin pillowcase if you don’t want your to go in vain every time you hit the bed.
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