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Gorgeous Eid Gifts For Her

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Festive shopping can be overwhelming, even when you're looking for presents for those closest to you.  Hm, what do you give to the most important women in your life? Well, if you find yourself running dry on ideas or time, you've come to the right place. Ahead, five covetable gifts options that make a serious statement and cause gushing gratitude. You don’t even have to step out because they’re just a click away. Could this get any better, you ask? It certainly will once you have a look at the steal deals we’ve jotted below for you. Here’s one for the ladies. Eid Mubarak!

When Clinique comes up with a three in one deal, well you take it. This fantastic 3-step skin combo comes with a liquid facial soap, clarifying lotion (a cult classic) and the dramatically different moisturizing gel. Designed to take care of your entire skincare routine, this power kit lets you cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize for optimum skin health. Plus, look at that price tag. That said, we happen to think that this kit is your golden ticket to both gifting and glowing.

We understand just how tempting it can be to try every technique that promises acne-free skin. Luckily, this set by Innisfree promises to give you just that. It comes with their bestseller volcanic pore clay mask along with a pore cleansing foam to seal the deal.  Designed to target specific emergencies like lackluster skin and clogged pores, these heavy-duty elixirs are the masters of tackling acne. Considering the pretty packaging and its superpowers, this set is a definite winner for those with stubborn skin.

This Fizzy Fern gift box is one of our favorites on the list. All products in this gift box are well researched ayurvedic formulations that come with a calming blend of Coconut and Jasmine (amazing, right?). There’s more. There are not just two but FOUR products in this set. Everything from a body lotion and mist to a handmade bathing and a Shea Butter lip balm.  Warning. You might just end up gifting one of these kits to yourself.

Tailor-made for those who prefer salon-style hair at home this fabulous combo comes with a Keratin shampoo, conditioner AND a hair dryer (jackpot!). What more could you possibly ask for? These products help treat dry and severely damaged strands to give you soft, super voluminous hair. Now, the lucky one to receive this power kit would not have to splurge for an expensive blow dry at her local salon. She’s going to thank you forever. High five?

Elope into Ayurvedic paradise that promises to envelope your senses on the trajectory to the vintage gardens of ancient India with its fragrant ingredients. This kit boasts the perfect combination of the brand’s favorite Bringadi intensive hair treatment oil along with a skin brightening and virgin Coconut oil for a complete head to toe experience. So, if you have someone on your shopping list who fancies a rich Ayurvedic experience, this kit is just what you need to get her.

With that said, here’s to a marvellous Eid this year filled with love, light (and alluring beauty treats). With every brand under the sun offering a host of jaw-dropping presents, we trust that our top gift recommendations made things a little easier for you. Happy gifting y’all!

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