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’Gram Away To Glory With The Nykaa Get Set Click Compact

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Gram Away To Glory With The Nykaa Get Set Click Compact - 1
Even fishing out the mint from your handbag becomes a wretched task ’cause it’s crammed with your makeup. And let’s not even talk about the time your foundation accidentally spilled over your compact. Phew! The things a girl’s gotta do to look Insta-worthy at any given minute of the day.
Well well, time to clear the stash and settle down with your one (wo)man army, the Nykaa Get Set Click Crème To Powder Compact. We’ve got all the goss about this latest Nykaa launch.
  • A multitasker like no other, this beauty does triple duties. Use it as a foundation for overall coverage, as a concealer to hide imperfections, or as a compact to set the base, you sure won’t be disappointed.
  • No other product gives you the hydration of a crème formula and the blendability of a powder formula, all at once. A super creamy texture that blends and sets into a powder finish, no reason why you shouldn’t sign a pact with this compact.
  • Highlighter seems a bit too much on a regular workday? Don’t give up on that glow just yet. This compact, blessed with the Soft Focus technique, leaves behind a satin finish with a luminescent sheen, so you get to shine on all day.
  • Create the right amount of coverage – start with medium and build the layers for high coverage.
  • The texture feels super soft on your skin and stays put right until you decide to call it a day. Perfect adhesion: Check.
  • Before you start whining about the problems of oily skin, STOP! This winning oil-free formula is designed for all skin types.
  • Now that the sun is shining the brightest, here’s a sad truth. The sunscreen isn’t enough, you need makeup that adds to the SPF factor. This one ups your SPF count by 30 at one go.
  • Compact, even in the literal sense! Slim and travel-friendly, touch-ups on the go no longer means pulling out a minimum of seven products. What’s more? Its also comes with a sponge applicator and mirror.
  • Seven shades so you cannot NOT find your match. Fair-skinned beauts, head for Iced Latte and Almond Drizzle. Wheatish wonders in this range are Sweet Caramel, Cocoa Loco, and Hazel Glory. Dusky divas, get your hands on either Mocha Madness or Chestnut Crunch.
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