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Grays Begone With The True Roots Botanical Hair Tonic

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More women under 40 are going gray and it’s alarming, to say the least. Though it’s now become more of a swanky Instagrammable trend, let’s not forget that premature graying is a concern. Sadly, the obvious hair color is the only way out.
Thankfully, True Roots decided to take matters in their own hands. The True Roots Botanical Hair Tonic is the start of a revolution in tress town. You ask why? Here goes.
  • When Melanin, the pigment responsible for our hair’s natural black color, is underproduced by the roots, we experience premature graying. True Roots creates a powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activity that increases Melanin production.
  • Rich with Ayurvedic superstars like Bhringraj, Triphala and Japa, True Roots is powered with botanical actives and Apigenin‚ a natural extract from Chamomile flowers. Dermatologist-tested, side effects are the last thing you should be worrying about when you got this elixir in your hair kitty.
  • A radical formula that delays hair graying right from the roots, this bottled wonder promises you absolutely no new grays in 90 days of daily usage.
    By day 15 – Melanin pigment promoters increase
    By day 60 – You witness a visible reduction in the rate of graying
    By day 90 – No new grays are spotted
  • Unlike its rather sticky peers, this hair tonic doesn’t need to be rinsed, thanks to its aqua-based formulation and pleasant fragrance. Bottled in a convenient spray format, so you can spritz this on the go without worrying about the mess you’ll make.
Convinced, eh? Use it in two easy steps every day and see the difference in 90 days.
  • Spray directly on the scalp or take a bit on your palm and apply it with your fingers.
  • Massage the product into your scalp for about two minutes until it gets absorbed in the roots.
  • Now let it be, absolutely no need for a rinse or shampoo. Yayy!
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