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Grooming & style tips from Rahul Khanna

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The gentleman’s checklist:
  1. Fedora.
  2. Tailcoat Flaunters.
  3. Bowtie.
  4. Shoes on point.
  5. Opens the door for a lady.
  6. Worships James Dean.
Bonne journée fellas! If you are an aspiring gentleman-to-be, we’ve got just the icon for you. Take some serious character notes as you ogle openly at Mr. Rahul Khanna. First impressions: a suave 40-year-old who makes sexy feel comfortable. A man who walks on the beach in a tux and makes you want to do the same.
Our verdict: Listen carefully to the pearls of wisdom this man’s got to share and channel your inner gentleman to pop out nice and fine.
On Grooming…
Perspective on grooming: As quoted in one of his interviews, Mr. Khanna’s idea of grooming is some serious food for thought. “Grooming is good, but I think one should exercise restraint. I don’t think a man should look too perfect.”
Take 2 - How to deal with a bad hair day: Fret not, put on a baseball cap and head out. Bad hair days do not spare anyone and Mr. Khanna is no exception. But his wise side keeps him dapper as ever.
The grooming essentials for every man: A face wash, a body scrub, toner, moisturizer and sunscreen. (Also seen on his dresser.)
His verdict on manicures:  A gentleman who treats his nails right, should not feel any less manly when he gets a manicure done. They are as simple as basic hygiene.
On Style…
Mr. Khanna can own a three-piece Brit suit and still look like an oasis of peace. He can spell love with a pocket square. Hear what he thinks should be every man’s wardrobe essentials:
The White Shirt: A must, must-have. Period.
Slim-fit, dark denims: Pair them up with your undershirts, flannel or formal shirts and you are good to go anywhere.
A great watch: Do the classic effortlessly with a vintage piece that spells timeless beauty.
Pocket Squares: From satin lovelies with paisley prints, abstracts or a plain bold colours, there is something for everyone.
A go-to Blazer: On days when dressing up seems undoable. Put on your favourite shirt and do it right with your go-to blazer.
Mr. Khanna boasts not of his gentleman ways. He is rather seen as a laidback, impeccable dressed human who conquers the world at his own pace. Notebooks and pens at the ready guys, now here’s some serious learning.
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