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Groom’s guide to suave wedding day hairstyles

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A huge shout-out to all the grooms-to-be: Save last-minute panic trips to the stylist to get the desired hairstyle on your wedding day by scrolling down and taking some much-needed notes from our favorite celebrities. Let these style gurus end all your hair-style dramas by etching their style files on your minds!

Create a 'Buzz'

Garner appreciative nods and sighs of approval as you sport the latest form of the new and improved Buzz cut. Fade a bit more than usual on both the sides of your head and let the top grow comfortably. Formal and easy to maintain is why this hairstyle is on the top of our list.
Hairstyle Jedi
Why:  To maintain all the proper aspects of a buzz cut, it is wise to own a pair of clippers to tame the edges and keep side-burns in check for the Big Day.

Do the classic Flip-back

If it worked for Prince Charming, it will definitely do wonders for you. All you need to do is take a paddle brush, sweep hair to either side and add oodles of styling gel to keep it in place.
Hairstyle Jedi
Why:  An effective, robust product is ALL you need to keep rocking a perfect hairdo through numerous functions and endless selfies with the Wedding brigade.

Have lots of fun in a Tousled hairdo

Ideal for wavy hair, turn up the heat in a low-maintenance, disheveled hairstyle that will not only charm the cameras but might just out-shine the bride herself (try it at your own risk*)  Spritz generous amounts of texturizing spray and let your hands roam free on the crown of your head
Hairstyle Jedi
Why:  A sea-salt texturizing spray will not only enhance your waves, but also let you show off casual, cool-guy hairdo.

Hey, check out that definitive Pompadour!

What is stopping your from sporting the trendiest hairstyle of 2016 on your wedding day? Apply hair wax all over your hair and then comb it thoroughly, in order to get the product to the roots of your hair and create better hold, starting with the sides and moving on to the top.
Hairstyle Jedi
Why:  A fabulous pompadour is nothing without a hair wax that has the ability to hold your hair till the wee hours of midnight.

.. Because some men are made of sleek,
shine and everything nice!

Spell sexy with this splendid hairdo and look every bit the man of your bride’s dream. All you need to do to up your style status quotient is take a considerable amount of strong styling gel on the tips of your fingers; work your way through by starting at the back of your hair then moving on to the crown and sides. Lastly trail a comb through your hair lightly, pulling them gently back and downward.
Hairstyle Jedi
Why:  To end your day just the way you started- looking PERFECT!
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