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Guilt-Free Chocolate Infused Treats For Your Skin

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Break a little from the inside every time you say a courteous no to a slice of comforting chocolate cake? Aaah, nobody knows the pain better than a fellow cocoa-craver. Enter chocolatey skincare products that’ll take you straight to dessert paradise, sans the calories of course.

Here are our top picks of chocolate-infused beauty products- Sinless sweet treats, coming right up.

1. The Nature's Co. Chocolate Creme Body Wash

Time to indulge in this rich body wash enriched with the emollient properties of Chocolate. Did you know that the ever-so-tempting ingredient reduces free radicals, resulting in softer and visibly younger looking skin? If that’s not enough, who wouldn’t want to step out of the shower smelling like a chocolate feast!

2. The Nature's Co. Chocolate-Mint Body Butter

How ‘bout spending an entire day with the sweet, lingering, oh-so-familiar aroma of cocoa? Slather a little of this creamy, minty body butter by The Nature's Co. and you’ll know what we’re talking about. With a promise of 24-hour hydration, no matter how parched your skin is, this Choco-Mint Butter beaut is surely irresistible.

3. Soulflower Hot Chocolate Soap

Thought hot chocolate was something you could drink? This bath wonder begs to differ. Apart from preventing excessive skin dehydration, this moisturizing soap also soothes sunburn and protects you from sun damage. Made with Dark Chocolate and Vitamin E oil, it’s unfortunate that this bar is inedible.

4. The Body Care Sinful Chocolate Body Scrub

Exfoliating dead skin has never been this blissful an experience. The goodness of Walnut extracts and Chocolate is packed into this rather humble-looking bottle. Buff away impurities and increase blood circulation, even while you soak in the rich aroma of cocoa. That’s a yes from us.

5. Vaadi Herbals Chocolate Strawberry Face Pack

Say hello to supporting its star, rich, fruity strawberries. These, coupled with Cocoa powder, can perk up dry skin like no other. Also tightens pores and helps you get rid of that ugly tan. You might just find yourself getting tempted to gorge on this sweet delight, though.

6. Khadi Natural Chocolate Lip Balm

With this herbal superstar on, it almost feels like you’ve swished chocolate sauce across your lips! So, while the goodness of Beeswax and Cocoa powder keeps your pout moistened for long, a mix of seven essential oils heals already-chapped, hurting lips. Brownie points for the subtle sheen it leaves behind.

7. Vaseline Intensive Care Cocoa Glow Body Lotion

Touted to be the absolute best at winter moisturization, you cannot NOT trust Vaseline. Unlike traditional bottled lotions, this Cocoa enriched formula dispenses easily and hence heals in seconds. Slather your way into cocoa heaven and enter work with the whiff of a chocolate factory.

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