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Nine fall strand fashions we can’t stop raving about .

Summer is drawing to a close bringing new fall/autumn hair color trends and styles to suit every face shape. As you rustle through your wardrobe to prepare for cooler days, it’s also the perfect time to ramp up your style quotient by checking out some cool new hairstyles and hair colors to play with. After all, a new hair style is the easiest way to change up your looks. Go all out and get a complete overhaul or go soft and subtle, the choice is yours. Check out some stunning hair styles and colors to get you fall-ready in no time!

Check out some trending hairstyles and colors to get you fall-ready in no time!

1. Shine bright

Trending Hairstyles

The trending hairstyle look is about shine not grease. From gelled sides to slicked back roots, glossy, nautical waves are the new look for beachy tresses. Both clean and wet look textures work, and to make the look more current go with a center-parting. If you don’t want to leave your tresses loose, hold them together in a sleek, low pony with loose lengths for contrasting textures from root to tip.

2. Messy plaits

latest hairstyles for women

Welcome back braids! Messy plaits are hot right now. This season they’re glossy or matte, but always messy! Take your pick from fishtails, side and classic braids to style up your tresses in a look that’s casual and chic at the same time. Hair stylists recommend using a sea salt spray like Toni&Guy Casual: Sea Salt Texturising Spray before you start to add texture to your style.

3. Not so tidy ponytail

trendy hairstyles for women

Remember the time when you bundled your strands into a scrunchy when you were late for college? Well this one-time quick fix has made it to catwalks! Whether you’re wearing a simple Tee or smart dress, the undone pony will give your style a rock star edge and tons of personality. The perfect go-to for two days-without-a-shampoo locks. This is one of the latest hairstyles for women has an ultimate casual style that will keep the attention on you.

4. Extreme side partings

latest trending hairstyles

This androgynous, 1930s look is having a moment almost a century after it was first unveiled. Purists might argue that this comb-over is a bit boyish but actually the style oozes sensuality and confidence. To own the look, try taking a selfie to work out which side of your face the side part looks best. Don’t like the super slicked down style? Use your fingers to create the side part instead of a comb to add some bounce.

5. Rose gold hues come alive

latest hairstyles for ladies

Modern, metallic colors and gorgeous, warm highlights strutted the catwalks this year. Rose gold tresses are the perfect way to warm up cooler days. Start with caramel-gold highlights or a mix of copper-gold streaks. But if the maintenance is scaring you off, get an instant face brightener with bronze and golden highlights from the mid shafts to the tips. Such a lovely way to color up your look without going over the top.

6. Short, short, short

Trending Hairstyles- Short Hair

Are you ready to go for the chop? Nothing screams ‘fun’ like a short choppy hairstyle. Whether it’s a super cute pixie or just a nice neck-length haircut, everyone—from Halle Berry to Gul Panang—is sporting them. But you read it here first! We simply love the short hair trend. If you’ve sported long, waist length hair all your life, change things up today! Think short, slick bob or tousled nape length curls, either way there are so many ways to wear short hair.

7. The angled bob

Trending Hairstyles- Angled Bob

If blunt cuts are not your thing, the next best trend you should embrace is the dramatic, modern version of the bob with a side part. It works well on poker straight hair with a hint of texture at the tips. Flat iron and add some product like Streax PRO Hair Serum Vita Gloss for added gloss. Pair it with berry lips and you’ll have the guys falling at your feet.

8. Hair colors to dye for

Trending Hairstyles- Hair Colors
Whether you have brown or black strands, there plenty of hot new colors trending right now.
  • Cinnamon strands: It’s fiery and vibrant hue that looks deep red in the sun. Look for terms like ‘cinnamon’ and ‘copper’ on DIY hair color kits.
  • Medium chocolate brown: Think of strands that fade into a lighter caramel-based color. It’s the perfect solution if you don’t want to dramatically change up your hue but wants the ends to look noticeably lighter. Look for ‘medium-to-light brown’ on hair color kits and then get caramel highlights from mid shaft to ends at your salon.
  • Cool chestnut: You like your dark hair but every girl needs a change from time to time. Opt for light chestnut brown to add a hint of gold to your tresses. Look for ‘light chestnut brown’ or ‘medium brown’ on hair color kits.
  • Brunette Bombshell: Rich, chocolate brown hair with golden strands woven in at the ends look totally on trend. Look for terms like ‘rich, chocolate brown’ on at home color kits and get golden highlights done from mid-shafts to tips for a multi-dimensional look.
  • Warmest Black: Jet black can look harsh even on the fairest skins. Far nicer to go with ‘soft black’ instead that mutes the starkness.
  • Dark and Daring: If you’re already a brunette but want to go darker, avoid colors like ‘black’, ‘blue/black’ and ‘brown/black’. Instead opt for ‘deep brown’ and ‘rich brown’ hued home color kits.

9. Take a bow, accessories

Trending Hairstyles with hair Accessories

Finally, every girl’s dressage guaranteed to soften the severest hair style. The catwalks were awash with leather headbands and sleek clips but you can take this trend up a notch by falling in love with bows, the bigger the better. Just remember to keep it simple and straight forward –a ponytail or low bun—and set it off with the coolest bow to score top marks on the chic stakes.

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