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Hair Brushing 101: Best Hair Brushes For Healthy Hair

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Best Hair Brushing Guide

Let’s be honest. We don’t really think of the understated hair brush when upgrading our beauty kits. What’s the need, right? Just pick any functional comb in your closest proximity or simply borrow your friend’s brush for those last minute touch-ups. Well, here’s a news flash: Just like your makeup brush, a hair brush isn’t a one-size-fits-all beauty tool. So, how do you find the perfect one? The right one will discipline the strands without compromising on the health of your scalp. Comb over for a scoop on all things brush-related.

How To Clean Hair Brush

A hair brush can be a minefield of oil, hair, dead skin, germs, dandruff and product residues. Sure, most of these won’t be visible to the naked eye but that doesn’t mean they aren’t lurking around each time you run the comb through your hair. For the sake of hygiene, you might want to consider giving your comb a soak. Here’s a simple guide on how to clean hair brush:

Step 1: Firstly, remove all the accumulated old hair that is trapped between the bristles. Pick out as many strands as you can.

Step 2: Next, squeeze a dollop of mild liquid soap onto your brush and with the help of a toothbrush clean the body of the hairbrush.

Step 3: This one could take a while. Using a toothpick, reach out to spaces between bristles and draw out the grime.

Step 4: Now, in a mug, mix equal parts of warm water and vinegar. Soak your hair brush in this solution and let it sit for 15 minutes.

Step 5: Take out the wet brush and use the tooth brush to clear any leftover debris. Clean the brush with a clean towel and leave it to dry before your next use.

Hair Brush For Women Based On Hair Types

Here’s a lowdown on the best hair brush for women based on different hair types.

1. Brush For Curly Hair

1. Vega R3- RB Round Brush

Have curly locks? This hair brush is for you. The Vega R3- RB Round Brush holds your curls and smoothens the strands without upsetting the pattern. The high quality nylon bristles penetrate the hair while the boar bristles polish the shaft. So, if you are looking to amp up your locks with fewer passes, add this round brush to your cart, STAT.

2. Roots True Glam Mini Cushion Brush

Curls are adorable until they start to get frizzy and they always do! Well, not if you opt for a brush that can help stimulate and distribute the natural oils. The Roots Go Glam Mini Cushion brush with its soft rounded tips stimulates the flow of oils along the hair lengths without damaging the scalp. Oh and beyond utility, it scores brownie points for its looks too!

2. Brush For Straight Hair

1. Sacred Salts Plastic Black Wide Tooth Comb Detangling Hair Brush

Straight hair may give out sleek, put-together vibes but one knot and it becomes obvious. That’s why it’s great to have a detangling brush that is designed to eliminate knots and flyaways while giving your hair the TLC it deserves. This carbon-built beauty with its wide-spaced and rounded teeth runs smoothly without hurting the scalp. Plus, it can easily slide into your backpack.

2. Agaro Wooden Flat Hair Brush

Does your regular brush have anti-static tips? Well if the answer is negative, you are missing out on this brush with anti-static ball tips that can massage the scalp while smoothening and imparting shine to your hair. What’s more? The flexible bristles catch hold of even the finest strands of hair and ensure gentle detangling without breaking. Oh and the air-cushioned pad adds to the gentle hair brushing experience.

Best Hair Brush for Women with Straight Hair – Agaro

3. Brush For Wavy Hair

1. Roots Color Glam Paddle Brush

Paddle brush is your best bet at damage-free grooming if you’ve got wavy hair. The Roots Color Glam Paddle brush comes with bristles that are gentle on your hair cuticles. This spares any damage to the follicles and the resulting stunt in hair growth. It helps stimulate the natural oils to add life and sheen to your bouncy waves. We sure took a shine to this one!

2. Roots Wotta Brush Aztec Edition Oval Brush

Any woman with wavy hair will agree that waves can be indefinite and fickle. The truth is they don’t have to be so, if you use a brush that works with them rather than against. The Roots Wotta Brush Aztec Edition Oval Brush glides through the tangles with its Intelliflex bristles without breaking the pattern. Plus, the bristles extend to SofTip polytips that are gentle on scalp and don't tug at hair.

Best Hair Brush for Women with Wavy Hair – Roots Wotta Brush

Hair Brush For Women Based On Hair Concerns

Here’s a lowdown on the best hair brush for women based on different concerns.

1. Brush For Hair Growth

1. Michel Mercier Detangling Hair Brush

Don’t be deceived by the size of this round brush. This compact, on-the-go hair brush comes with 428 bristles of varying heights. Why? This strategic design aids in gentle massage of the scalp while minimizing unwanted tugging and pulling of hair. The massage strengthens hair follicles and the limited stress curbs breakage. Oh and it comes with an appetizing scent of cotton candy. Which other brush works like a dream and smells like a dream too?

2. WOW Skin Science Stimulating Scalp Massager Brush

Forget high-end salon spa sessions. Whatever hair therapy you are in the mood for, this scalp massager brush is up for it! Thanks to its thick silicone bristles, it stimulates scalp circulation for hair growth while guaranteeing a comfortable grip with its ergonomic handle. Not just that, it helps penetrate the hair oils deeper into the scalp for optimal results. Oh and this lightweight smarty can fit in your travel tote!

2. Brush To Tackle Frizz

1. Rozia Pro 8012L Wooden Hair Brush Comb

Frizzy hair is basically a call out for conditioning oils. The Rozia Pro 8012L Wooden Hair Brush Comb conditions your hair and disperses oils down the hair shaft. The wooden bristles help ease knots without yanking your hair and thereby, preventing frizz and hair fall. Besides, this paddle brush comes with a comforting food-grade cushion pad that doesn’t give off the typical rubber odor.

2. Bare Essentials Detangling Hair Brush

If your hair is frizzy, you need to look out for a brush that makes hair brushing a stress free experience with minimal breakage. The Bare Essentials Detangling Hair Brush does just that and more. This bristled beauty won’t pull your hair and makes detangling a breeze. Plus, the rounded tips at the end of the bristles offer a gentle massage to your scalp while spreading the oils evenly.

3. Brush To Prevent Breakage

1. Wet Brush Shower Detangler

Whoever said you shouldn’t brush your hair when wet, didn’t know about this hero of the brush world. Packed with thin and flexible IntelliFlex bristles, the Wet Brush Shower Detangler is one serious multitasker. It distributes products evenly throughout the hair and detangles wet strands without breaking while being minimally intrusive on the scalp. Plus, it has vents for quicker air-drying. Once mission detangle is successful, simply rinse and hang it with its hook handle until your next shower.

2. Vega R5-FB Basic Hair Brush

The best hair brush to prevent breakage, it spells out pain-free hair brushing like no other. How? This nylon bristled beauty includes ball tips that gently massage the scalp and glide through strands with minimal force. So if you are looking to release knots and tangles without any damage, do your hair a favor and get this power-packed basic.

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