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Hair Care Tips For New Mothers

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During pregnancy as diet improves and shifts to a healthier one, also good supplements like iron, calcium, protein are included and there is a lot of happiness moms feel from within, there is radiance on the face and hair become stronger and voluminous. Post delivery, near around third month most of the moms face a great deal of hair fall.
I too faced hair fall immensely. There are a few things I took care of and within 15-20 days I could see improvement. To list them:
  • Switch to all natural products. Go for organic compositions. This way hair and scalp will be safe from all kind of chemicals and hence strengthening the roots.
  • Go for a haircut. I could see the difference immediately.
  • Do proper oiling before washing hair. This ensures that the scalp is not dry.
  • Stay hydrated, don’t skip veggies and fruits. What you eat reflects on your skin and hair. A good diet keeps hair healthy.
  • Don’t tie the hair very tightly. The roots are already weak, tight bands promote hair fall.
  • Avoid combing after hair wash.
Apart from these some easy hair masks that can be made using simple things at home are:
  • Rice water: Soak rice overnight. Sieve the rice and take water. Apply this water using a spray bottle. Let it dry for 45-50 minutes. Shampoo hair after that.
  • Fenugreek seeds water can also be used in same manner rice water.
  • Papaya extract works wonders for hair. Mash it and apply for 30-45 minutes. You can add little curd or argon oil also.
  • Eggs are one of the best natural remedies for hair fall and dull hair. But remember to wash hair within 30 minutes of application, otherwise, it will start hardening the hair.
  • Curd is one of the most versatile products. It can be applied with egg, Aloe Vera, vitamin-E capsule. Only curd can also be applied.
  • Coconut oil, Aloe Vera gel, honey and ginger paste: this mask works wonders with hair fall and enhances new hair growth.
  • Banana with curd or olive oil.
  • Milk can also be applied with a spray bottle. Wash it in 30-45 minutes.
Do try these home remedies. Everything is easily available in the kitchen. Natural things have a long-lasting effect on us.

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