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Hair Removal Made Easier With Gillette Venus Snap

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Hair removal is challenging, hands down. Even more so in this lockdown when it was hard to get to a salon. For those of us—including me—who like smooth (hair-free) arms and legs all year round, its been quite a bother. Sure, there are those at-home hair removal wax strips that do the job quite well but you know all the ouches and winces that go along with it. Plus, gals with sensitive skin invariably end up with rashes, ingrowths and allergic reactions. Hair removal creams on the other hand, could cause chemical burns, acne and have a god-awful odor. So, what’s a girl dreaming of bare legs gotta do?

Enter Gillette Venus Snap! A cute little hair remover that’s good to your skin and makes for an easy, hassle-free experience. Why you should opt for this mini miracle?

Why one, we have FIVE very good reasons.

best hair removal method for pain-free experience

1. Hair Removal Is NOT Worth The Pain

Why should your path to hair-free, smooth skin be wrought with pain? Avoid the hurt, nicks, burns and rashes of taxing hair removal methods when you can carry the little Venus Snap literally wherever you go! It’s painless, easy and absolutely efficient.

2. It Shouldn’t Dry Your Skin Out

Let’s face it, yanking hair from the roots can be traumatic and most hair removal procedures can ruin your skin, specially over time. So, opt for something that comes with a naturally skin-soothing solution. Venus Snap has soap gel bars infused with the goodness of Avocado oils and body butters that keep your skin hydrated. No dryness or damage.

safest hair removal should not dry skin
best hair removal method at disposal

3. Use It Anywhere, Anytime

Want to wear that slinky dress for an impromptu evening out with the girls? Need a quick retouch before a hot date? This tiny and accessible device is at your disposal. Just pop into your handbag and use at leisure. Great for travel, yes, but also for your short-notice hair removal emergencies.

4. You Should Be Able To See What You’re Doing

Unlike other devices and methods that have you twisting and contorting in impossible poses trying to reach all those nooks and crevices, Venus Snap is designed to be so handy and compact that you can see it glide along all your curves. So, no cuts, rashes or stray hair at the end of a session. It has a flexi-pivoting head that is super useful, especially around the ankles or sensitive areas like the bikini line.

best hair remover for easy hair removal
best hair removal method followed by exfoliant

5. An Added Exfoliator Always Helps

Goodbye ingrowths! Using an exfoliant along with or during hair removal helps in avoiding ingrown hair. Did you know that all hair removing methods can lead to ingrowths? Even waxing? Well, Venus to the rescue, again. Snap not only helps you avoid ingrowths, but also removes dead cells by exfoliating your skin as it glides.

And to top it all off, you get even and silky soft skin scented mildly with the sweet fragrance of freesia flowers. It has a delightful little case, so the blades are always intact and don’t get corroded with water.

Finish your session with Olay Total Effects Anti-Aging Deep Penetrating Moisture Body Wash that will restore silkiness to your limbs. Psst…and now for the best part? This works perfectly, not just for your arms, under-arms and legs, but also your face and intimate bikini parts! Does it get better than that?

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