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We Swear By These 5 Products For Hair Removal At Home

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best hair removal products from nykaa

I would be blatantly lying if I claimed not to enjoy the ultra smooth, heavenly soft feel to my skin — soon after waxing. But even after years of committing to the monthly ritual, the experience is slightly painful (for me) and uncomfortable. Not to mention, the hassle of running to the nearest salon is time-consuming and rigid. So, to make my life easier, I tried and tested a handful of hair removal products available on Nykaa, over the last couple of months. Out of the myriad of options available in the market, these SKUs emerged at the top of the leaderboard — have checked all of my boxes, like ease of removal efficiency and the price point. The good news is, you can grab these products from Nykaa to get silky, smooth skin right in the comfort of your home.

But before we take the plunge, just a gentle reminder from yours truly! The year is 2023, and whether you remove your body hair or learn to embrace it — more power to you either way.

1. Sanfe Bikini Line Hair Removal Cream With Lavender & Aloevera

best hair removal cream for bikini line

Sanfe Bikini Line Hair Removal Cream With Lavender & Aloevera


This Sanfe Bikini Line Hair Removal Cream is right up my alley! For all the lazy gals who want to opt for a convenient way to do away with the bikini line - grab this product. The cream has been formulated for sensitive skin around the intimate area, removing the most stubborn hair. The cream is infused with aloe vera extract for maintaining the pH of the skin and lavender for a soothing effect. Perfect for the summers, as I don’t have to schedule a hasty salon appointment before beach day anymore, yay. Apply the cream on your bikini line, let it sit for 5 to 7 mins and zap the hair with the help of the spatula in the pack. A problem I have faced with similar products in the past — episodes of redness, irritation and inflammation. And I am happy to concur that this exemplary product from Sanfe steers clear of aforementioned concerns.

2. Gillette Venus Swirl Hair Removal Razor For Women

best razor for hair removal

Gillette Venus Swirl Hair Removal Razor For Women


After 20-something years of being dissuaded from using a razor, I finally gave it a shot a couple of months ago. And the results are no short of a revelation! Turns out, employing a razor like the Gillette Venus is a super convenient, frugal and effective way to do away with body hair. This razor is equipped with flexi-ball technology that allows me to reach tricky spots. You know - cracking the spots near the ankles and the elbows is no child's play. With two vitamin E infused lubrastrips on either side of the blades, the razor glides like butter, giving me a close shave. I recommend adding this little wand of hair removal to your cart now. Just a pro tip: make sure to shave in the direction of the hair growth and not against it. Always exfoliate before shaving to exterminate any build-up. And moisturise once done.

3. Philips Epilator

best epilator for hair removal

Philips Epilator BRE235


An epilator is a battery operated device that removes hair from the roots. The lil’ beauty tool is a great investment for a close shave and a super soft finish. The head is washable for maintaining optimal hygiene and the ergonomic grip on the tool gives me a great handle! You may use the epilator on your body and your intimate area — I however, use the epilator exclusively on my limbs! I get to choose from two different speed settings that let me get rid of thin and thick hair.

4. Veet Pure Hair Removal Cream for Women With No Ammonia Smell

best cream for body hair removal

Veet Pure Hair Removal Cream for Women With No Ammonia Smell, Normal Skin


A quick, painless technique to get rid of unwanted body hair? Sign me up, please! The dermatologically tested cream from Veet casts away body hair in under 5 minutes. A no-fuss, no-frills method, the product gives me soft and hydrated skin. I usually summon this formulation when I have no time to spare while prepping for a social engagement. And so can you! Want to wear a sleeveless summer dress but worry about ‘em under arms? Fret no more. Just use the Veet Pure Removal Cream right before jumping into the shower, use the spatula in the package to zap the hair and voila! You’re good to go!

Bombae 4in1 Facial Hair Trimmer For Painfree Salon Smooth Eyebrows

Bombae 4in1 Facial Hair Trimmer For Painfree Salon Smooth Eyebrows

Bombae 4in1 Facial Hair Trimmer For Painfree Salon Smooth Eyebrows


Brows gone wild or pesky chin fuzz— the Bombae 4in1 facial hair trimmer is ‘THE’ answer! The anti-slip grip gives me a great handle, keeping the fear of nicks and cuts at bay. The trimmer is furnished with a two-trimmer head to zap the hair from the trickiest spot. Contrary to popular belief, the trimmer is supremely affordable — a bargain for clean, close shave, anywhere. The trimmer is meticulous yet gentle, the perfect combination for my ultra-sensitive skin. Due to its compactness, I slip it into my travel bag before jetting off.

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