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Hair Styling for the monsoons

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tips & hairstyles for monsoon

Getting your mane to behave is easy

Heating products can create beautiful hairstyles for your hair within minutes provided you have the knack of how to use them. If you have straight hair then you can curl them with a curling iron with much ease and straighten curly hair too. Nonetheless, this can damage your hair more than what you can see. It can make your hair dull and might cause hair fall too. Using them once in a way might probably not be a disaster but might cause much harm to your hair if you keep using it too often. Also, with so much moisture in the air during monsoons, you might as well do better without them and try out some of the hairstyles sans heating products. You will have to apply the right styling products though.

Here are the top 4 hairstyling tips for the monsoons:

1. Loose Braids

Braids reigned during the summer and are going to be in trend even during the winter says Antonio Corral Calero Artistic Director, Moroccanoil. This made us fish for a hairstyle that you can create with the help of styling products to help hold your hair better. An updo with braids is mostly for those with longer hair. You can start by applying a styling cream on to your hair. Weave braids on both sides of your head. Make sure to keep the top of the braids loose and tighter at the ends. Wind the braids around your head and you are good to go.

2. Half Up Half Down

If you cannot decide if you should tie all your hair up or let them down, Anisha Nair, Technical Educator-Hair, Enrich Salons & Academy explains on how a half up half down hairstyle is quick enough and looks good. This hairstyle is favourable for those with long hair. "For best results, after you have shampooed you hair a leave-in conditioner is a must," she says.

3. Extra Volume

A lot of times straight hair looks very low on volume. You do not want to blow dry your hair but wonder how you can improve its volume while you let your hair down. Anisha recommends the use of a volume shampoo and conditioner. "Brush all your hair towards your face and flip it back. You can apply a full volume leave-in conditioner and leave your hair open," she instructs. You can also apply a volume moose to make your hair look thicker. She mentions that using gel for your hair can help create a messy look which is the current trend.

4. Accessorizing your Hair

There are several hair accessories you can try on your hair. Anisha suggest hair bands that look really good. You will find many celebrities sporting them too. There are some hair bands that have designs on the band that look rather fancy. You can also try side clips that look absolutely adorable. "You can tie your hair on to one side and put strawberry clips on the other side of your hair or any other clip that suit you," says Anisha.

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