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Are you having a series of unfortunate hair days? We feel you. We all want hair that looks like it’s spent some time in the hands of our professional hair dresser every week. But not time, nor our pockets allow us such luxury.

But some universal truths about hair care can change your bad-hair-day cycle to glorious ones. We spoke to our go-to expert Savio John Pereira, celebrity hairstylist, and are revealing all the salon secrets for a mane of healthy, happy bouncing tresses!

Beauty Book: Climate varies from region to region. How can women take care of their hair in places where it is hot and humid, cold and dry, high level of UV rays?

Savio John Pereira: "Styling your hair using heating equipment is not recommended when it is hot and humid. The style may not last and your hair will end up frizzy. Leave-in conditioners should be used in cold and dry climate. And for high levels of UV rays, there are shampoos, conditioners, serums and leave-ins with UV filters tha you can use."

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BB: Hair coloring often causes dryness in spite of using products meant for colored hair. What is lacking in hair care regime?

SJP: "Yes, hair coloring does tend to dry out your hair. After any chemical treatment is performed, after-care becomes extremely important. A consultation for a thorough examination of the scalp and hair type is required before recommending any products. It is not necessary to pick up an entire range of products for colored hair. For instance if your scalp is oily and hair is dry and colored, you can use oil balancing shampoo and a conditioner for colored hair.  Regular hair spa can also reduce the problem of dryness is a big way."

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BB: Women with weak hair should not use hair styling products which are based on heat. Is it a myth or fact?

SJP: "Anything overdone causes damage. If your hair is weak and brittle blow-drying or ironing your hair excessively might damage your hair badly. Once a week is a good practise. There are a hoard of products that strengthen your hair. You can do a proper strengthening ritual twice a week to keep your tresses healthy."

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BB: Professional range meant for hair spa can be bought from salon. How different is doing hair spa at home from a salon?

SJP: "Salons do not sell exclusive products meant for hair spa treatments, it can be bought from beauty stores but the treatment may not be done in the right manner when done at home. There’s a proper course of treatments including some that require salon equipment like steamers and head massagers. Professionals are trained to handle different kinds of hair and its always better to have a hair spa in a salon."

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BB: Many women like to opt for home remedy for hair problems. Are kitchen based beauty products effective? Suggest few of them if there are any.

SJP: "While natural products are quite effective, professional products that we use in salons are better. They are made with the right amount of proteins and nutrients, even though chemically, to tackle all kinds of hair problems. Also, natural remedies take time to show effects while professional products act instantly."

Nykaa recommends: Kiehls Olive Fruit Oil Deeply Repairative Hair Mask, Aveda Nutriplenish Leave-In-Conditioner

BB: What are the different hair-dos that can be tried by women for special occasions?

SJP: "Messy, twisted, ponytails, and braided hair styles are in vogue. They can be done in different variations depending on the face shape. The hair can then be accessorized with fancy ornaments or flowers to make it look even more attractive."

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