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Haute Hair Cuts For Thin Hair To Look Thicker

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Hair Cuts For Thin Hair To Look Thicker

Almost every bathroom conversation among girls has a fleeting mention of ‘hair that won’t cooperate’ thrown in between pep talks and compliments. Are YOU the one in your gang, usually lamenting about how your hair lacks body? Sure, you love your tresses but are you simply having a hard time understanding and taming it?

Well, fret not, we’re here to the long-due discussion on how to flaunt thin hair like a pro. All you need are a few snips here and there to give your mane that much needed lift and movement – we’re talking about haircuts for thin hair.

However, before you look for ways to flatter thin hair, take a pause and ask yourself if it’s thin hair or fine hair that you’ve got. What’s the difference, you ask?

Difference Between Fine Hair And Thin Hair

To check if you’ve got fine hair, grab a single strand of hair and rub it between your thumb and index finger. If you’re barely able to feel anything, your hair is fine which is to say that the diameter of your hair strand is negligible. We don’t mean to break your bubble, but if the texture of your hair is fine, there’s not much you can do about making it look thicker. Aww.

To check if you’ve got thin hair, gather your hair and tie it into a ponytail. If you need to wrap around the elastic more than twice, you’ve got thin hair. Another way to determine thin hair is more scalp visibility when you part your hair. This means the density of your hair is thin and so it doesn’t really equate to voluminous. However, with the right haircuts and tricks, you can make your hair appear fuller.

Haircuts For Thin Hair Women

Based on hair lengths, we’ve rounded up a list of haircuts for thin hair to make it look thicker and give it a new lease of life. Excited?

• Short Haircuts For Thin Hair

1. Bob haircut with bangs

Join the bob cut with bangs bandwagon if you want to embrace your hair literally. The hair falling forward on your forehead and along your cheekbones will create a denser illusion; besides the trimmed short bangs will take away the focus from the thin ends. It’s even more perfect for women with rounded features looking to make up for the lack of angles in their facial features.

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short hair cuts for thin hair – bob haircut with bangs
short hair cuts for thin hair – side fringe layered bob

2. Side fringe layered bob

Flat hair ruining your vibe? Opt for layered bob with fringes. Unlike straightforward bobs, layered bobs with fringes add a feminine touch and they’re easy to pull off too; besides the layers work at building volume. Need a reason more to be convinced? This haircut won’t give you a hard time even when you switch between traditional and western outfits. It promises to cooperate with them all. Perfect.

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3. Side undercut

Where do we begin this one? Not for the faint hearted, the side undercut involves the top hair left long and parted on one side while the hair is buzzed short on the other side and the back. Sure, it takes courage to go chop-chop for this disconnected look but the end result is always an awe-inspiring contrast in a crowd of usual. We’re intimidated yet so in love, we can’t stop gushing. Send help.

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short hair cuts for thin hair – side undercut

• Medium Length Haircuts For Thin Hair

Medium length haircuts for thin hair- simple layered haircut

1. Simple layered haircut

If you’re a sucker for flaunting your hair’s natural texture but could do with some volume, the wait is over. The simple layers in this haircut almost spell I-woke-up-like-this and won’t demand much from you on the maintenance front. Just let them be and watch your hair show you its sides (RE: layers) you never knew you needed. Think of it as a volume boosting move for your mane.

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2. Centre parted bangs

For all those who love the idea of front bangs but aren’t ready to commit entirely to it and would still love some space, opt for the centre parted bangs. This dreamy cut feeds off the 90s nostalgia and softens your face which makes it an ideal pick for women with sharp features, especially jawline. Oh and don’t know if you noticed but it’s also a great way to fix or let’s say draw a curtain over the big forehead problem. Yay!

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Medium length haircuts for thin hair- centre parted bangs
Medium length haircuts for thin hair- asymmetrical lob with highlights

3. Asymmetrical lob with highlights

We get it; the thought of letting go of all that hair you patiently awaited over a bob can be terrifying. This is where the asymmetrical lob comes in. The lob spares you from sacrificing all your hair while the asymmetry lends your hair an edgy vibe. It works even better if your hair has a naturally wavy texture. To make things even more interesting, highlight the ends of your front hair and you will be a walking hairspiration for your girls!

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• Haircuts For Thin Long Hair

1. Multi-layered haircut

Well, you’re a very hard one to sway. We know it because you chose to stay loyal to your long mane till date. And we’ve found just the one for you – the multi-layered haircut – that frames your face and falls with layers of varied lengths to create an unpredictable pattern and spice things up. It perfectly hits the sweet spot between fierce and gorgeous, we would say. We’re definitely stealing this for our next appointment.

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Haircuts for thin long hair – multi-layered haircut
Haircuts for thin long hair – shaggy layers with highlights

2. Shaggy layers with highlights

If you’ve got super long locks and need a break from the obvious uniformity, opt for shaggy layers. Casual and effortless with choppy ends and feathered layers, the shaggy layers is a definite way to nail the hot and messy look. It works with the natural texture of your hair to make your locks the star of the show. If you’re up for more, add a glamorous twist to this low-maintenance cut with rocking blue highlights.

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3. Curtain bangs

If frequent visits to the salon for touch ups don’t feature in your plans, it’s safer to commit to layered haircut for thin hair with long curtain bangs. The long wisps of hair graze your face on both the sides to give you the adorable girl-next-door look. Also, the curtain bangs almost blend in with one of your many layers which is why this cut looks great even while it’s growing out. Brownie points to this hair inspo for promising to stay good for LONG.

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Haircuts for thin long hair – curtain bangs

Tips To Work With Thin Hair

Taking it a step further, we’ve compiled a list of tricks that that will help you grow thicker hair while you flaunt those badass haircuts. Because let’s face it, the thicker your mane, the more you can play around with it.

  • Know how they say to follow the typical shampoo-condition cycle? Don’t. The next time you wash your hair, try the reverse order by first conditioning and then shampooing to build volume in your hair.
  • Want more volume? Snore your way to it. Instead of simply leaving your hair open when sleeping, pick sections of your hair, twist them and pin them before you hit the bed. Wake up to hair that appears livelier with more bounce and volume. P.S. Loose, romantic waves is just another welcome byproduct.
  • The plight of thin hair extends to the woes of visible scalp. If you have chosen a hairstyle that shows much of your scalp, pick a small makeup brush and dab tinted powder to fill in your roots. This will help conceal your scalp and create the illusion of a fuller scalp.
  • It’s time to take out that old pair of sunglasses you dumped for your new ones and put it to some good use. When you are naturally air-drying your wet hair, push forward the crown section of your damp hair with sunglasses over your head and let it sit until your hair dries. Once dried, remove the sunglasses and notice the lift on the front section of your hair.
  • The humble ponytail can be downright upfront when it comes to revealing the thinness or thickness of hair. Here’s a cute trick to still create an illusion of thick hair. Separate your ponytail into upper and lower half with your hand and clamp a tiny clip in the centre of the ponytail base. Let go and voila! Fuller ponytail, we gotcha!
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