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Haute RN: Over-The-Top Hair Trends In Tress Town

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Subtle hair makeovers are done and dusted. If the latest mane reports are to be believed, loud in-your-face hair is doing the rounds as we speak. Dramatic hair colors, extravagant accessories and big coiffures have been buzzing on red carpets and runways globally. As the loud hair trend picks up pace in the streets, we’ve rounded up the best O.T.T hair trends so you can happily chuck the lingering fear of crossing the line between chic and hideous. 

These trending hairstyles are surely going to turn heads. Take a look

1. House Greyjoy

Funny how the beauty industry that once shunned a speck of gray hair now dyes their hair a fashion-forward silver. If you’ve had a tough time embracing your natural grays, know that the world sheds an exorbitant amount of moolah to get what the tress Gods have been kind enough to bless you with. From going a global icy gray to rocking a single silver highlight, take cues from the ’Gram biggies and march straight on to the gray area. Geddit?

2. The Modern Top Knot

Only last year basic low buns and day-3-hair were like Netflix and chill, always together. A quarter in 2019 and modern, sky-high top knots have skyrocketed their way up in our cool-coif list of hairstyle ideas. We’re talking about unbrushed hair that’s literally just thrown up in the most undone top knot ever. Go as high as you can, let that imperfectly perfect mop of hair sit right on your crown. Leave the ends loose and messy and walk right out that door, honey boo.

3. Accessory Exaggeration

Humble bobby pins and low-key scrunchies can take a back seat this year. 2019 is about hair ideas going all out with quirky and dramatic hair pieces. Dressing up for a long-due date night? Skip the average girly hairband and go for the oversized look-at-me bow. Heading out for a drunkey night with the girlies? Dazzle up a basic hairdo with a stone encrusted hair slide that also speaks your mood. Remember to keep the rest of your look muted though.  

4. Big Hair, Don’t Care

Our never-ending fascination with adding body to our locks is kinda justified, horizontally huge hair has waltzed right back into the trending charts. Funny enough, you don’t need to time-travel to the ’60s to indulge in a night of stunning, extreme volume. The trick, of course, is backcombing your hair to add gravity-defying height at the roots. Secure the length into a ponytail, twist it around into a bun, or just leave it naturally tousled. 

5. Glaring Globals

Burgundy ombres and caramel globals have given way to hair color makeovers that make people stand up and notice when you enter the room. From bubblegum pink and aqua blue to vanilla lilac and neon green, women have been experimenting with every vivid hue of the rainbow. If you’re at your daring best, throw caution to the winds and channel your inner unicorn. Nothing screams for attention more than a mane that spans the fantastic realm of the color spectrum. 

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