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Healthy And Happy Colored Hair With Wella Professionals

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Are you like Kate Winslet in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind? Does your hair color flip from orange to sunshine gold to ocean blue to orange – all within a year? Then you know the constant conundrum of which hair products to use and what not to. 

On one hand, color protecting products help your beautifully colored hair stay rainbow tinted for longer (could be chocolate tinted too – we don’t really have a preference). On the other hand, they manage to somehow dry your hair out, leaving them rough to touch and falling at every stroke.

Regular products, meanwhile, keep your hair healthy and happy, but fade the color away much faster than you meant for it to stay. What’s the point of spending so much on a fancy hair color if it doesn’t even stick for more than a couple of weeks or 10 days? 

Enter ColorMotion+ by Wella Professionals. Wella has whipped up perfect magical potions that cares for your colored hair in every possible way.

These specialized at-home haircare solutions not only keep your hair color intact for upto 8 weeks, but also strengthen your hair and leave them with a long lasting shine.

Ready to flaunt your oh-so-fabulous colored mane?

#1. Wella Professionals ColorMotion+ Color Protection Shampoo

Wella’s secret to lock in color while keeping your hair soft, smooth and shiny? This shampoo has antioxidant benefits that protect your hair against free radicals. Meaning – say goodbye to unnatural hair loss due to color protection. This shampoo will preserve your hair’s smoothness. Deeply foaming, this clear, light shampoo will leave behind a happy head.

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#2. Wella Professionals ColorMotion+ Moisturizing Color Reflection Conditioner

Their conditioner is also called a ‘color reflection moisturizer’. Sounds shiny, doesn’t it?  It basically means that this conditioner will heal and hydrate the surface quality of your hair, making it radiant as it catches light. Let’s face it, even regular hair conditioners don’t do that! All of this, while keeping your color intact for about 8 weeks. What more do you need?

#3. Wella Professionals ColorMotion+ Structure+ Mask

This is our favorite product of the magic three. Who doesn’t want deep, nourishing care in the form of a relaxing, pampering hair mask? Use this Structure Mask thrice a week and never see split, tangled and dull hair, again! It is made with a special ‘bond structuring agent’ by Wella, that helps reconstruct inner hair bonds to strengthen your hair. Cherry on top? It comes with a happy, floral scent.  

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Thank you Wella Professionals, for shooing away all our colored mane woes. These trifecta of magic concoctions are about to let us go all wild and literally paint the world red! 

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