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Hello Maximalism, Go Big Or Go Home

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The beauty industry is buzzing with a hot new trend. In 2017, it took the fashion world by storm. In 2018, it became the biggest interior trend. Any guesses what we are talking about? *drumroll* It’s the year of Maximalism. “Less is more” and “No makeup-makeup” are things of the past. This year is all about highlighting a single statement element in the most dramatic way possible. Especially if this year’s Met Gala is anything to go by. Think: Sophie Turner’s metallic blue eyes, Priyanka Chopra’s pronounced lashes, Lady Gaga’s OTT everything and well… you get the gist. We are definitely ditching the subtle for a more edgy, maximalist look.  To be honest, we aren’t complaining. Frankly, neutrals, pared-down makeup in various shades of boring oatmeal were getting a tad dreary.  Think statement—often clashing—colors and unapologetic OTT makeup looks with these bold makeup trends.

Come on girl. Let’s have some fun with maximalism!

1. Be Cheeky

  • It’s time to get those highlighters, bronzers and face mists out. ’Cause nobody is loving that plain face anymore, honey.
  • Of course, you can’t skip the basics. Kickstart your routine with your favourite sunscreen and follow it with a lightweight BB or CC cream (if you want to ditch the heavy feel of a foundation) and a concealer to hide dark circles.
  • But, to become a true-blue maximalist, dust on some shimmery highlighter as a bronzer or get your hands on a rainbow-hued one.
  • Finish off your bold look with a dewy face mist and a nude lip. Those cheekbones are about to do some serious talking.

2. Lash Out

  • Did you spot the lashes on Lady Gaga (or rather the Gaga on those lashes at the Met Gala)? She’s someone we would call a true-blue maximalist.
  • But, let’s face it, pulling that lash look off isn't everyone’s cup of tea. You can do a more subdued maximalist look with spider lashes. The high-fashion fad is pretty easy to imitate IRL, too.
  • Just make those lashes clumpy, thick and voluminous. While a good mascara will do that anyway, you can also use false lashes to flaunt this bold makeup look.
  • Btw, your drama lashes will look great with a bold red matte lip.

3. Throw Some Shade

  • It’s the era of OTT eyes and we are embracing maximalist eye makeup with abandon Metallic neons, jewel-toned shadows and thick eyeliner (hello, Deepika Padukone at Cannes).
  • Prep your eyes first with a soothing eye cream and dab the primer on your lids to ensure that your eyeshadow stays smudge-proof.
  • Now, pick your favourite colour (we recommend royal blue or any neon shade) and dab it all over your eyelids.
  • You can even use two glitter shades together to take your eye makeup up a notch. Just remember, if you’re opting for a dramatic eye makeup look, don’t go overboard with your lips. Keep it simple with a little peach on your cheeks and a nude glossy lip.

4. Get Poppin’

  • We all are fans of bold lips. Well, who isn’t? One single swipe can transform your entire look. In 2019, we are upgrading to an even bolder version — metallic glitter hues and bright, holographic lips. Courtesy: Maximalism.
  • To flaunt the pop on your lips, moisturize them with a nourishing lip balm and define them with a glossy shade.
  • Pair your eye candy pout with delicate eye makeup. We recommend gold eye shadow and a subtle cat-eye.
  • Complete your flawless look by covering any imperfections with your favourite concealer.
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